Galloway Inspired Run Walk

Run for 2 mins walk for 1 minute. Gets you to distance with lower impact on your body and first impression is it seems to work. Took Rico with me which gave him more time for sniffing. 8.46k in 1hr 8 mins including warm up and down. Not too bad for a start of year run. Recovery time much lower than that distance would normally incur but then again average heart rate was lower. I feel good.

Happy Running all


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24 Replies

  • Woohoo!!! Great stuff! I love the Galloway (inspired) run/walk and get that warm 'I went for a run' glow without the discomfort...keeps me coming right back for more! It's the only way I run now. :D

    Happy New Year GF & Rico! :D

  • Thanks Tikiczocky. Happy New Year to you too

  • Hi GF, well done on the distance. The Galloway method is getting lots of positive reviews these days. Makes you think......


  • Yes I checked out his website and it seems to make sense so thought I would give it a go - Might try a Half Marathon plan ;-)

  • Wow, go for it! Although, I seem to remember you're pretty speedy over the hills. Are you won over by the reduced recovery times with the Galloway method or does it just suit Rico more?

  • It definitely suited Rico more and I'll just have to wait and see how I get on I think. May have to start booking some races for bling this year ;-)

  • I really look forward to follow your Galloway experience. It's a very interesting approach. Glad to hear that it was also good for Rico :)

  • Thanks Tomas - I need to find a plan for it

  • That's a really good time for that distance... think I will give this another go when I'm out again tomorrow. Would I be correct in thinking that the running and walking pace are relatively fast???

  • Relatively. I read that the running pace should be fast enough that you are not huffing and puffing continuously and the walking I just walk a fairly normal pace to recover. Good luck Andy

  • i have done a couple of 2:1 walk/run - certainly cover the distance and recovery time is less :) i have seen some are playing with 30:30 + 90:45 aswell :D the Galloway site does make it sound like good sense :D

  • Yes Rob I hadn't really thought of using it before but I enjoyed it so we'll see

  • That's my favourite interval too! I find it makes the run really enjoyable.

  • Excellent Ullyrunner I'm hoping it will help keep me injury free

  • When you were walking, didn't you want to break into a run? I think I would be too impatient to do this but it seems very popular so there must be something in it!

    Lovely start to the year GF. Happy New Year to you and Rico and I hope you have lots of fab running adventures together in 2015.

  • Thanks IP. Rico helps stop me running by wanting to sniff around.

    Happy New Year to you too. Hope you have great runs and smash PBs

  • Sounds great, I bet Rico loved it !!!

  • He did JuicyJu and he's getting quicker

  • Happy New Year to you and Rico :D

    Happy Running :)

  • Thanks Zev Happy New Year to you too

  • I am training for a HM In May with 2:1. After being hyper thyroid for years my body loves the walk break as my heart rate still goes quite high so continuous running was a nightmare for me. Even with 2:1 my heart rate is averaging 160 bpm. Hehe, it all been checked out though and I'm safe.

  • Good to know RFC. My heart rate was definitely lower and the training effect was lower as well.My max heart rate was a lot higher than it should be be on a recent 5k PB attempt but I think that is just the way I'm wired

  • I've just repeated the 5k run that I did on Thursday doing a 2:1 Run/Walk and guess what.... I knocked 4mins off the 5k time for the same route! I'm not a fast runner (probably never will be) but I got a new PB for 5k of 40:04. I had a strong headwind for part of the route on both runs which slowed me down, so hopefully if try it again the time may improve more.

    I felt that my running pace was faster than normal, so all I need to do now is to slowly reduce the walking bits whilst keeping the same running pace... isn't it funny how you start planning the next run as soon as you get through the door :-)

  • Love it Andy well done!

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