week 9 run 3....The Journey has officially begun!

well....I did it, joined by my beautiful lad Leon ( age 11) we did it. Having already done run 2 yesturday I was a bit tired and hungover ( yes I know it was only Monday yesturday but I'd had a crap day at work). The main reason I ran was that I had run out of calories on my app and needed more to make room for pasta!

Anyway I donned the kit, put on my orange sweatband and off we went. We did it in 4.61, not great but we are going to work on that. Urgggh the hills around here are total killers, that really tires me. I wore my support knickers which held me in, but they don't feel sexy so I'll be doing away with those next time although it was nice not to wobble.

I should be feeling great but like others I have read on here I don't...... I got home to find husband on his knees unblocking the washing machine as it had conked out ( he found a balloon in the filter....), and the house in chaos ( fairly normal).

However this running thing has made me realise I do have the ability to change my life, and it has given me an area of control. My life is hard right now but you know it could be worse, and now I have my running which IS going to be the catalyst for all the changes that need to happen. I am going to treat myself by having a glass of the vino and watching Made in Chelsea ;). Thankyou everyone for all your positivity, Cheers, Julia X


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  • So close now- you are fab! X

  • Thankyou so much Justmole, and you too XX

  • Well done Julie, and well done Leon. :-)

  • Thankyou...he is so much faster than me, I have to slow him down!!

  • Congratulations Julia, you've done so well. It's amazing how much our attitude changes when we can run. We are strong women who just get stronger:)

    Enjoy this wonderful thing that you have achieved and definately get rid of the support knickers. You are a runner and therefore you are allowed wobbly bits....my wobblies love running ;-)

    Send off for your shiny green badge (still haven't got mine) and a t-shirt 8-D

  • Thanks so much Rockchick...sounds like you have had an amazing journey, really inspiring...And yes I hate those support knickers, I don't get them out often as not v me, so yes I am going to show off wobbly bits with pride and wear my sexiest underwear just for running ;)

  • Totally amazing, hangover, hills, and fashion challenges (second paragraph very funny, had to laugh :-) ) and you did it, it is great that you son went with you. You do have the ability to change your life, you already have :-)

    Well done you - enjoy the vino.

  • Thankyou so much...and yes I so hope so, and you are right about my life, this has triggorred ( blimey I can't spell, can't even work out what that should look like) some changes for the best ( my addictions have reduced by 2 ). Onwards and upwards eh....lets just keep running and all will be well, cheers, julia

  • What a great thing to be doing with your son! Well done on graduating. I think you'll feel great in times to come, when you think back on what you've achieved.

  • Thank you so much, I so hope XX

  • Congratulations - a real achievement to be proud of, especially as you had your son out with you too. Lucky Leon to have you for his Mum!


  • Thankyou Greenlegs you are so very lovely....

    I am so lucky with my kids ...Leon is a great lad and this is helping him as he has the stress of sats looming.... XX

  • Ha - Bah humbug to sats! Running with your mum is MUCH more important. :) (and I'm a teacher!)

  • Well said Greenlegs... Thank you x

  • Congratulations. It's a great achievement - especially when having to find the time in between the demands of everyday life. :)

  • Thank you ... And yes my every day life is beyond me in terms of madness which is why this has been so amazing!

  • Well done, graduate Julie & son Leon... perhaps you should ask Admin for a double badge! Love the bit about the balloon in the washing machine, but how on earth did it get there in the first place?

    Happy running. :-)

  • Thankyou ... and i Haven't a clue about how to get that flipping badge... I am clearly looking in the wrong places! Yes the balloon was a bit wierd, best guess is that kids had one from a party in their pocket which I'm rubbish at emptying, I just throw everything in. I have found all manner of items in our washing machine...all clean !!

  • Wooohooo Well done you! Congratulations upon graduating. Sounds like you've made some momentous life decisions! Lots of luck with everything ... as Rockchick said, there are a heap of strong women getting stronger! Go for the girls, you.... Love your determination and drive. Don't stop blogging ! Cheers, Linda x

  • Thanks Linda... Looking forward to reading your next blog :)

    Too true it's a great feeling isn't it!


  • Well done running is god for your soul as you ave found best wishes on the next part of your journey. Keep strong and more importantly keep running

  • Good even lol

  • Perhaps running is God for my soul.... Love it!! Thank you and yes it's onwards from here planning a 10k in August


  • I love that: 'running is God for my soul' - brilliant typo! :)

  • Oh well done. Enjoy that well-earned glass of vino x

  • Fabulous Julia! Very well done? Fancy a Parkrun?? There must be some in the southwest somewhere!

  • Yes definitely I would love that!! I live in cleeve... ?

  • Sorry, should say 'Very well done!!' Definitely!

  • Fantastic - congratulations on your graduation, and forget the support knickers :D Not that I am advocating running commando :O Perhaps I'll shut up now. Well done!

  • Great idea! I was going to look into running lingerie... Perhaps there's a niche for me to design sexy running underwear??? I always wanted to have a career like that rather than the one I've ended up with!! And thank you x

  • :D Great idea! It needs to be supportive but sexy, and available in a range of styles. I refer to my sports bra as the fbb, which is an abbreviation for the Forth Bridge Bra - it's a miracle of engineering, but it's not the most attractive piece of underwear in my drawers (as it were :D ). And as for the knickers - well, think Bridget Jones... :O Go on, get designing!

  • Love it... And yes let's get some great designs going that look sexy on all shapes and sizes :)

  • Bit belated but just wanted to say a big well done. And ditto on the running underwear,, I swear if anything happens to me, (god forbid) and my underwear is exposed, I would be the highlight of the doctor and nurse coffee break. Didnt your mother always say "matching socks and shoes, you never know!"

  • Thank you!! And yes everyone has that fear about the hospital thing... However in my early career I was an A and E nurse and in all honesty I never noticed the underwear, I could tell you a few stories about other things though, you really see all parts of life!!! And thank you so much x

  • My little boy is 8 and goes running at Sale Harriers - he's way faster than me but I'm determined to use his energy to keep me going !

  • That sounds perfect... It's so nice to have the time with them. In my early runs my daughter who is 8 came with me, and she wants to now but the trouble is they fight!!! Have fun and keep running! X

  • I am late to say this but better late than never. Wishing you a very BIG CONGRATS!!! Well done, and a great achievement!! I will be followng you soon...

  • Thank you... And I look forward to seeing your green badge soon :)

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