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Back to it after 2 weeks off - mixed feelings


Well after doing something dodgy to my hip (dragging small children up and down ski slopes) and not being able to walk after running the Dr got me to take two weeks off and asked me to step the programme back a bit. I was about to do W6R3 and today I stepped back and did W4R1. This time I made sure I did lots of stretching too.

The good thing was it didn't hurt and I completed it in lovely sunshine. The down side was it was bloody hard work and feel like I have deteriorated so much. So disappointed I have regressed and lost fitness in just two weeks :(

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I would imagine it's not the easiest thing to come back to it as it gives that little voice in the back of your head some ammunition to fire at you when you are tired on the run, I'm sure though if you persevere that you'll soon get back into it, I hope your Hip holds out this time round, Good Luck with it all.

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