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Week 3 run 1


So. Completed week 3 run 1 today. I have to say that the running part is getting easier. My calves are tight but so long as I stretch out this is fine. I've been told by a trainer at the gym it's because my muscles are out growing the sheath they are contained in and they will feel tight until this catches up with the new muscles.... Has anyone else heard of this?

Having said the above, I covered far less ground during todays run than I have previously. I am normally just finishing the 5 min warm down as I complete my circuit and arrive back at my house.. Today I was still a 5 min walk away from home when Laura signed off.... I found this quite disheartening! Has anyone else experienced this in week 3 also??

I was hoping to see a week on week improvement in distance covered. Not a major step backwards!

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Don't worry about this yet! The main point of this programme is the time spent running and not the distance. You can improve that later as your runs get longer :) What I did was to change my route every 6 or 7 runs so I didn't have a set pattern and expectations. Try it!

Don't be dis-heartened this is a fantastic improvement in time, you are definately not going backwards. Keep up the good work and keep posting :-D

Congratulations :D

The warm up and warm downs should help with the tightness, you should also stretch them out after running, something a lot of people don't do.

Keep it up!


Keep going and dont you worry - just follow Laura and you will be fine x


quite often found that I had further to walk home than planned, you will find routes that you know and will be fine.

You have plenty of time and you will get aches where you never had them before, but you will get used to it. If stretching works for you then do it, there are sections on this site somewhere about it.

You are doing well, keep it going. :-)

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