Hi, I recently joined this group and finding it helpful and supportive. I was diagnosed with COPD nearly 13 years ago. I had quit smoking, was walking and exercising for a couple of months, doing great! Then a Dr started me on methotrexate injections for a mild form of psoriatic arthritis. After the 2nd injection, complained shortness of breath. She said would keep an eye on it!. Two more injections and I couldn't walk more than 10' before gasping for air and nearly unable to speak. Was then diagnosed with COPD. Hmmm. Anyway, have done quite well using inhalers. Recently had a flare up. My Internist put me on prednisone and oxygen. The next day my cardiologist said no, and said belly breathing, exercise and a humidifier! Read here about blowing up BALLOONS for deep breathing! Works great and had fun squeaking them for my dog! Blew up 6 this morning. It did help a lot!

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  • wow 13 years doing good if blowing up balloons help then do it .I,am going to try that !!!

  • I was the one who posted about blowing balloons. Very glad it's helping you! I'm doing it too. :)

  • Helping me too!

  • Hi BgertieH, I was diagnosed with COPD about 12 years ago however had symptoms way before that.I'very received the pneumonia Pneumococcal vaccine for seniors, I'm 61 years old and I stop smoking the moment they told me I had COPD( it was relatively easy because I couldn't breathe anyway) I am no longer working and I try my best to stay active as much as possible, walking twice a day 45 minutes, and low grade exercises. No I haven't gotten to the point where I need oxygen yet and I'm thankful for that. I've had two bouts with walking pneumonia but my doctor did not hospitalize me because my vitals were all goodbut a week after my left lung collapse and I was giving a incentive spirometer to blow into every hour for the next 3 weeks, that was 3 months ago now I can walk better up hills without stopping and my lungs don't hurt as much as they used to(MRI detected my lungs were expanding properly) now I'm using the incentive spirometer I feel so much better, I received one from the ER so I ordered a couple from vitalitymedical. Com at a low cost of $16 which includes shipping and handling. Please try it if the balloons work for you this perhaps would work even better because I have balloons also. Sorry for making this so long and drawn-out but thanks for allowing me to share, any questions hit me up.

  • Thanks for message. Very informative.

  • Hi BgertieH: Thank you for the blowing of balloons, I have tried blowing bubbles and that has helped.

    You talked about your Internist and your cardiologist but what does your pulmonary doctor say? when you have flare up you need to be seen by pulmonary, they are the ones trained to treat lung diseases not an internist. If you are bringing up colored mucus then you need to be on antibotic, not predisone. I question if predisone goes with methotrexate and I say this from personal experience.

  • Good morning! The methotrexate was 13 years ago and caused some lung damage. We have 1 pulmonary Dr in our town, had a test last year, report was ok. Just can't figure out was caused a sudden, overnight flare up that has lasted 2 weeks now! I see the Dr again tomorrow.

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