CT Scan says COPD/Emphysema, Dr say no

I was told over 3 years ago that per a CT scan I had emphysema. Pulmonologist says my lungs are stiff, no explanation given. Fast forward to new Pulmonologist who says lungs are stiff because I am retaining C02. Orders a sleep study, diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, so CPAP was ordered.

Just had a PFT ans he said lung function is fine, no COPD, no emphysema, but keep using inhaler?????

I have a copy of the test, but it's all greek to me; FEV1 is 2.35 liters & REF 103% after breathing treatment: FEV1 102%?

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  • Seems a bit odd that a ct scan detects copd and now its gone I thought they were accurate ,I bet you are so relieved xx

  • CT scan still says lung damage, possible emphysema. It's the dr who says not.

  • 2nd look is always best

  • Are you experiencing shortness of breathe upon exertion? What symptoms are you experiencing? My FEV 1 was .82 before transplant and it is now 2.53. My O2 levels remain at 98% - 99% even during exercise. Prior to transplant, it would drop to 80% without O2 (but I was on O2 24/7, so I never let it drop below 90%). FEV 1 of 2.35 seems like you are doing very well as long as your O2 levels are good. I would buy an oximeter and spirometer (Amazon.com) in order to check my levels at home. If exertion causes a drop in levels, then I would ask my doctor for a Six Minute Walk evaluation. Is your inhaler ( usually some form of albuterol) used as an emergency inhaler? If so, use it when needed in an emergency (extreme shortness of breath or coughing spell). Best wishes, stay positive, exercise daily and may God bless you!

  • I get SOB when I walk around, especially outside. I have an oximeter and use it whenever I get SOB, O2 level stays in the 90's. Did the walk evail a few times, O2 level stayed up. The inhaler I have I am supposed to use twice a day (I no longer have a rescue inhaler).

    If I don't have emphysema YEAH ME! I had lung cancer, and other medical issues, that's enough. The thing that irritates me is he never answers my questions. If I do not have emphysema, why am I SOB, what is the "damage" they see in the CT scan, why do I have to keep using the inhaler? The first time I saw him he said I was retaining CO2, and I may have a touch of asthma. Now, no mention of either.

    I am looking for a new pulmonologist.

  • i think i was told anything over 80 is good

  • mine was good to and i do not have copd but she said as a discritpion as if she was telling me her hair is brown that I have very very very mild emphysema like she said test were really good and if I take care of my lungs they can look the same in 20 years my fev 1 ref 2.89 pre 3.44 pre ref 119 my ct scans have looked the same since 2011 that was when i got pneumonia trying to stop smoking using vapors bad choice on vapors but 6 years later they look same to small scar tissues

  • Hi KatherineK, I would get a different pulmonary doctor if I were you. 😊

  • Thanks for the reply grannyk3. I agree, I am looking for a new pulmonary doctor, the one I currently have is useless.

  • You're welcome, I hope you find a decent new doc.

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