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My Non-toxic Health Protocol (which has helped me)

Hi. I just joined this great forum yesterday. People are very generous with information. Thank you.

I began developing my non-toxic health protocol in May May 2016. It has not yet achieved the results I had hoped for on my lab work. But my feelings of health, wellness, strength, stamina and happiness have improved remarkably. And my lymphoma symptoms (B symptoms), which had me bed-ridden, disappeared entirely in just one month, and have stayed gone.

This is the list of daily "minimums" I aim for. But I don't beat myself up if I don't achieve all in one day. Rather, I am thankful for what I have accomplished in self-care each day. My list is changing all the time. A month from now, it will look a little different. I am in a relationship/dialogue with my body. Some things on my list are specific to my anemia (the iron, B12 & daily meat) so may not be appropriate for other people whose ferritin levels are ok. I source all foods from organic, non-GMO sources. My meat is all local, free-range, grass-fed, antibiotic & hormone-free. I try to roast an organic chicken or duck weekly, then make bone broth with carcass & bones as base for soup. Bone broth is dense with healthy bone minerals, marrow, gelatin. The final category (Mental & Emotional) is actually the linchpin to my "program". The rest is useful but not effective without the final category.




Floravit Iron


B-complex (if no insomnia)

Lecithin (if no insomnia)


1 Juice from juicer (carrot/beet/apple)

1 Smoothie in blender

Golden Milk (1 tsp Golden Paste)


Reduce/eliminate sugar

Reduce/eliminate white flour

Eat 50% raw

Bone broth (make weekly)

Kefir & Yogurt (for gut health)

Water (8 cps)

1 Sardine


Danyus & strength training

30-60 min. brisk walk

Microcosmic breath work & meditation while walking

Exercise bike

Dry-brush body & bathe

Healing Sounds Qigong

Bone Breathing/Bone Marrow NeiGong

Magnesium Chloride Detox Foot Bath


Stay positive & confident


Occupy Epic Joy

Send Love within & without

Be thankful ☺

“3 things I’m grateful for”

Cultivate Self-love

Cultivate Gratitude 24/7

Banish Anger (“Hold Horse At Cliff”)

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Excellent. Ty for this post. May you continue your healthy journey,

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Good stuff. What is "Hold Horse at Cliff"? Stay strong. Brian

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Oh - that's from a martial art I practice. Hold Horse At Cliff is the 2nd movement. The horse represents wild emotion. When we hold horse at cliff, we train ourselves to not let wild emotion take us over the cliff edge and to our death. The entire 66-move form is encoded in Taoist metaphysical symbolism and is purported to be a recipe for internal transformation and even immortality once decoded. It's been very useful to me over the years as a tool for personal clarity. :)

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Sounds worthy. Here's hoping it helps bring you long health.

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Thank you for sharing - all the best.

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Thank you for sharing. My wife (the patient) and I (the care giver/taker) eat a pretty clean diet, juice, were doing the bone broth but fell off it. (Wondering how much you drink daily) I find it interesting that you do not include more supplements. The 50% raw food, is that year round because I have heard that raw food is not really good for you in winter (Ayurvedic).

But your approach is very interesting.


I am ideally drinking about a cup of bone broth daily - in the form of some soup I make with the stock. Today, I'll be making potato leek soup with a new batch of bone broth from latest duck. But often I lapse and go a while without making a new broth.

I tend to aim for 50% raw year-round, despite the Ayurvedic advice to do otherwise. I let my body be the main guide on what to do and not do. I read widely, but then let my body tell me what it does and doesn't want. And my body seems to like that much raw (unless I am having a diarrhea problem in which case I pull back to a white/BRAT-type diet for about a week & eliminate most roughage & fiber).

I am very much not a supplement person. My body always bogs down and gets very unhappy if I start chucking too many pills and things down the gullet. But mainly, I don't believe health comes in a pill or gel cap or protein shake. I believe it comes from the foods we eat, the life we live, the thoughts we choose to make room for in our heads, the energies we choose to cultivate and invite into our lives and bodies and relationships. I also believe that everything Western allopathic medicine calls cancer is, in fact, a late-stage physical manifestation of an energetic imbalance in our body - an imbalance that has probably been with us a long time before finally manifesting in a way that can be identified. I sometimes thank my body for manifesting my energetic imbalance so that I can now address it. Everything about my non-toxic health protocol is aimed at rebalancing an energetic imbalance.

Good luck to you & your wife. :)



Thank you for sharing this. You may be interested in the book "n of 1" by Glenn Sabin, which I learned of through Brian's post on this community:

The author, a CLL patient, followed a somewhat similar protocol to avoid first a bone marrow transplant and later chemotherapy. His protocol was centered on a plant-based diet, lots of exercise especially with weights, lots of water, and very specific supplements. It worked for him - as it sounds like your protocol is now working for you.


Thanks for the tip! I will look for that book. My protocol does indeed seem to be helping me regain a strong feeling of health and wellness and a return to 'normal' life. Unfortunately my blood counts have not yet gotten the message (haha!). But I am tested monthly. Hoping June 15 brings good news on that front. :)

EDIT: I Just ordered the book "n of 1". Thx


Very interesting Kim. How have your regimens actually helped you? Do you just feel more vital or have your protocols actually improved some of your CLL related symptoms or blood counts or perhaps in your case seemed to have slowed the disease's progression? I have also been using a macrobiotic diet and this more than anything else, has been a small miracle in terms of lessening my CLL symptoms, as well as literally ridding myself of other lifelong health problems that might otherwise affect my body's ability to cope with CLL. The major benefit for me was that the combination of eating a more healthy diet,plus exercising, actually totally relieved my CLL related fatigue. It's just incredible to get that result. My body's immune system has also perked up. I haven't had an infection or a cold sore in the last 3 months. My IgG status is 1440 presently .To be honest I am not sure if that isn't somewhat off the chart(maybe too high) so i was interested in knowing what your IgG status, Vitamin D and B-12 readings actually are,too. Just to see how another person who is using complementary regimens is making out. But if you prefer to keep those readings private,I understand. Nice to hear that you, too, are having good results! I am in W&W and the docs believe that based on a review of blood tests,that I have had CLL since 2012,although I was not officially diagnosed until January 2016. I am presently at stage 1. I would use medical intervention,if I had to,as well. But I am very pleased at how practicing a healthy lifestyle has impacted my own version of CLL so dramatically for the better. And I hope that what you are doing reaps similar results. Thanks for sharing!

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Congrats on your own success with a healthy lifestyle, jettyguy! As for how mine has helped me - that is entirely in terms of how good I feel now, how much I can now do, my level of energy, my day-to-day functionality, and complete disappearance of B symptoms - which had been totally disabling for me. I had been largely house-bound and even bed-ridden for a long time with fever, drenching night sweats, fatigue, weight loss exceeding 10%, mental fogginess. (This all commenced while I was completing a successful treatment for Hepatitis C, so I assumed it was side effects and after effects until so many months went by it became clear it was something else - probably triggered by the Hep C treatment.)

I began my non-toxic protocol in April 2016. In just ONE MONTH (by May 2016), when I had my first meeting with hematologist, all of the B symptoms had disappeared and have basically stayed gone. The low energy hung on the longest. But that too is gone now. Last month (April), after clearing a bacterial bronchial infection with 7 days of antibiotics, my health surged and I have full energy for first time in at least 2 years. I can walk any distance without getting tired, winded, short of breath, sweaty, which is pretty amazing, given that my Hgb is now down to 82 (8.2 in US units). I really don't get that part. The anemia should have me knackered, but I feel great and very energetic.

HOWEVER... my blood counts are not good right now. (Hgb: 82, RBCs: 2.39, neutrophils: 0.3, Platelets: 78) WBCs are within normal range at 8.4, and Lymphocytes slightly above normal at 7.1.

But I think (and hope) that may be due in part to the bacterial infection I had recently and some other bad factors that have now been removed from my life. I am hoping to see improvement on my blood work on my next labs June 15. (I go monthly for CBC & ferritin.)

I think I am at Stage 4 based on platelets and anemia. (If someone knows otherwise, please share.) My hematologist has wanted to start chemo for a year now. I am very disinclined to do that. I am not ruling it out as an option for myself. But I consider it a last resort to poison my body in that way and would do it only if I have run out of or lost confidence in all reasonable non-toxic approaches. I hope to see my blood counts improve in coming tests. I am operating from a fundamentally different paradigm than any doctors I encounter, so this always makes things difficult. They think I am resisting because I am afraid of the 'discomfort' of sides or am too ignorant to understand the stakes. But that isn't it at all. I hold a different worldview on what the basis of disease is and how to best address it. All worldviews are subjective constructs of reality. I.e., we make them up based on whatever set of facts and factors make sense to us. But the prevailing worldview (in this case that of Western allopathic medicine) is so widespread that most people mistake it for reality. Am probably preaching to the choir here. haha! :)

As for my Vit D & B12 levels, its been 20 months, since those were lasted tested - right before I started supplementing with each. So I really do want a redo on them to see if my supplementation has made a difference on my blood levels of those vitamins.

In Sept 2015 (prior to starting supplementation) my B12 was 225 pmol/L (ref range: 150-650), and my Vit D was 104 nmol/L (75-150). (That's 40ng/ml in units used outside of Canada.)

In July 2016, my IgG was 15.5 g/L (ref range: 7.0-16.0). I don't have a more recent one of those. Nor do I really know what its significance is.


kim. You might really do very well with macrobiotic diet. Especially improving your platelets. For some good information,check out a book called Modern Day macrobiotics,by Simon Brown. It's basically Asian medicine using principles of yin/yang and amazingly healthy vegetables,brown rice,soy products and fish. My platelets went from 113 to 172 within 3 months on the diet. However, I also needed to lower my WBCs and I did,but my platelets also became lower. But they bounce around between 109 to 150 and mostly have been at 120. Still my WBC count is like 3 points higher than it was 15 months ago at diagnosis, presently .Good luck.


Thanks for the suggestion. Will look for that book too.

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Hi PlanetaryKim, have you seen the current debate on alternative /complementary treatments in therev55 posts?

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Thanks! Had not checked that thread for the latest comments. I see there are some new ones since I last looked.


Thank you PlanetaryKim. Good comprehensive list: simple and important to do. I hope it becomes more widespread. I have similar list and beat back my CLL from treatment stage and stayed healthy for the last +3yrs. Good luck.

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So good to hear that you were successful in beating it back from treatment stage! I hope to have similar progress. My feeling of health and wellness is very good right now (better than it's been for years). But my blood counts say otherwise. Hoping those blood counts will smarten up and get in line! Will continue with my non-toxic approach while researching all options. Good luck to you too!


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