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Update on my status 3 month post chemo (FCR)- doing well - no malignant B cells in my MRD test

Had my 3 month post FCR visit with my oncologist. MY numbers are all normal, neutrophils are going up, red blood cells and platelets going up since last visit 3 months ago. I feel like I did 5 years ago and am in good health. I am an avid downhill skier and just completed a double black diamond skiing class, exhausting, but gratifying and did a few chutes that were on my bucket list.

I am also a singer/songwriter and am in the process of recording a CD of my music with some of Canada's top musicians, most notably the rhythm section (drums and Bass player) from Balckie and the Rodeo Kings, (also on my bucket list). Hoping to play some outdoor folk festivals with the completion of my CD. The studio we are recording at is the same studio that Justin Beiber records in. Might not be a big selling feature but what the hey?

One last note, my oncologist did a MRD test (minimal residual disease) on my peripheral blood last week and they could find no cancer cells. Good news!!

They did not do a bone marrow biopsy as we never did one at the start, same with a CT scan. I believe that I am for the moment in remission, and do not know how long it will last, the disease will act on it's own schedule but for now I am very thankful for the health that I have right now. Next step see my oncologist in 3 months.

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Great news! I used to hang with Willie P back in the days of the Dixie Flyers... around London, Ont...

All the best on the CD...

Here is a link to my buddy... perhaps we can get you two to jam at the CLL conference in Niagara Falls next April... no date yet...


He raises money for Leukemia patients in Nova Scotia... CDs and Concerts


Absolutely!! that would be great at the next CLL Live. I saw Willie P. in Calgary with Fred Eaglesmith he was great. I was wondering when I could sign up for the next Niagara Falls conference, the last one was great.


We are just starting to get rolling on it, I should have a better idea in early May... will keep you posted...


many thanks


It was wonderful to hear your good news, Musicguy. Amazing that you feel like you did 5 years ago... I think we all wish for that... I remember when you were anticipating FCR about 8 months ago, and various discussions going on about it. Hardly seems any time ago, and now you're out on the other side. Hope all goes well with the CD,



I remember my fear of FCR and the whole idea of chemo. I put off getting FCR till the very last moment, I can remember just how sick I got. Needing to be hospitalized for infected feet no one could figure out what was going on. Stayed in the hospital for a week, I had never been to the hospital in 40 years before. If I had any idea how well FCR would work I would not have delayed treatment as much as I did. Yes 9 months fly by, seems like it was yesterday.



It's brilliant news and long may it continue! And so many fantastic interests to pursue!



What wonderful news!! Sending you best wishes for continued good health and much success with the CD. A story like your's gives all of us hope :).


Hi great to hear your good news all the best with the CD. Good luck


Great news, thanks for sharing it with us, sure it will help others facing treatment.

All the best



Great to hear. Gives hope to us all!


I love your sentiment ,"I am very grateful for the health that I have right now".

Looks like you will be taking advantage of your good health in the coming months. Have a great time. So pleased for you and an encouragement for us all.


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