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YOU, are the medicine for your fatigue!

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I can highly recommend this 9 minute video on Cancer Related Fatigue by Doc Mike Evans:

It explains why fatigue is both different and worse in cancer patients and provides some very useful tips that you can easily adapt to hopefully improve your quality of life. This video was found to be very helpful by the Leukaemia Foundation Men's group when it was shown at their last meeting.

There are plenty of more posts on fatigue, where our members share their tips for reducing its impact on their lives:


Photo: Scene from my walk yesterday, when I would rather have been sleeping. Wattle in bloom and a normally dry creek flowing well. (I did sleep 2.5hrs after my walk and wasn't sure if it was dawn or dusk outside...)

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A fun way to say that sometimes we can help ourselves by adjustments to our daily lifestyles.

Well worth watching.

Thanks Neil.

Definitely worth a watch!Thanks Neil.


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I agree with Sue and Peggy... This is a great video, communicates so clearly... Thanks for posting, Neil.

Lovely photo too. I didn't expect your part of the world to be so green and sunny at this time of year...

Thanks Neal how interesting,l have just walked to the doctors surgery for my six monthly bloods and am feeling fatigued, could quite easily sleep but will exercise instead by doing my house work,take care,Maggie

Brilliant. Thanks

Beautiful photo

A good simple reminder that we are in charge, so go for it. Good one, thanks. Sally

I enjoyed the video. But I couldn't stop thinking about how expensive it is to produce a those types of videos!

Very useful video despite being a little fast for my slowing brain. A transcript of bullet points would be useful for those of us who have to watch it ten times in order to note down all the helpful tips. Anyone offering?!

Hey fieldmeadow, I clicked on the youtube icon and navigated to the the site. Looks like those bullet points can be found here:

Thanks for the suggestion. Lots of great stuff on this site!

And, as always, THANK YOU NEIL for another great resource!

Just printed it out. Great to have these helpful points in black and white. Thankyou.

Thanks, Neil. Very helpful and timely today. Was wondering how I was going to get moving today after a rough night of fragmented sleep!!!

Thanks Neil. Well worth watching, this video acknowledges fatigue and empowers the person to accept and work with fatigue.


Excercise for me is a must. Walking several ks a day. Yoga and gym once a week. A swim in the ocean in the warmer months.

The cancer council here in wa have free excercise programs for cancer patients and carers. Such as yoga classes, meditation, art therapy and movement classes. Which is encouraging us to get out and move are bodies.

Also for the over 55s there is a govt subsidised gym program Living Longer Living Stronger. You're assessed by a physical therapist and given your own tailored workout.

Any excercise you can do is worthwhile. It does help mild depression and fatigue

It's very green here in W.Australia ...we've had lots of rain so far this winter. Spring in September.

Thanks Neil a great reminder to keep the bod active whenever we can

Sheila in Fremantle

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csellies in reply to Elliot43

Hi Elliot, I am in Sydney. Can you direct me on how to access that specific subsidy please?

great video....thanks so much....


There is lot of information on fatigue on this site. Is it feasible to condense and put it in a usable form?

I really wish to know what specific vitamins, in what qty , EGCG capsules , which ones and how much and similar reccomendations ?

best wishes


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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to vinnet

Hi Vinnet,

With fatigue a common and distressing symptom, having a condensed post with helpful information in usable form (even if it is just a series of links to helpful posts), would be welcome by many. Given your interest in the topic, perhaps you'd like to join in the volunteer efforts and search the site for helpful information and create such a post? I'm happy to review it if you send it to me via a Private Message.

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vinnet in reply to AussieNeil


I am not good at understanding the technicalities of EGCG or CURCUMIN

etc etc. , that is why requested again from u to help




Thx for the response. I have seen above earlier.

My request was some help in making a list of few specific action items for me from the maze of info which is scatterrd all around. You and others are most experienced. I am now 20months at stage0 W&W and stable. While I cannot predict how my cll will progress, chances are that it will be stable fot next several years. Suddenly my QOL has gone down, especially the symptoms of depression...

Pls see if some specific suggestions, which I can realistically follow , can be given.



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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to vinnet

HI Vinnet,

The causes of depression are many. Your best course of action is to see your doctor to explore possible reasons and investigate what can be done. IF your depression is related to your changed QoL due to your CLL, then you need to look at what specifically is behind that and see if it can be addressed. If CLL related fatigue is the issue, then there is reasonable consensus that checking whether vitamin D and B12 serum levels are acceptable and if not, using supplements, along with exercise does provide some help. I hope this helps you.

I'm not medically trained and even if I was, I would not be able to give you personal advice without properly assessing you.


Something important things to consider Think it’s time to try the tennis shoes again each morning and see what happens

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