How to pick the good from the bad health apps

How to pick the good from the bad health apps

'With an estimated 100,000 health and fitness apps available on the two leading smartphone platforms, iOS and Android, it seems there is an app for everything – from tracking your bowel movements, to practising your pimple-popping technique.'

Carol Maher, Senior Research Fellow in Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep, UniSA provides some tips on what to look for in a health app:

More on privacy considerations!

Health Apps Missing Privacy Provisions to Protect Medical Information:

Treatment Planner

Some previous posts on apps:


Photo: Obviously you'll need to delve into what data each app requests access to before agreeing to install it. Hence this photo of a delved paddock; underlying clay has been delved up into the sandy topsoil to improve water retention and hence crop yields. Delving a paddock is expensive; the paddock first needs to be ploughed with deep tines to bring up the clay which requires a powerful crawler tractor, then levelled for cropping.

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  • Treatment Planner has Privacy Provisions to Protect Medical Information.

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