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C diff IS difficult to treat!

I fought Cdiff for 9 months before I could begin Chemo; NO antibiotic 'worked' to control it...including the ultra-expensive Vancomycn (which my insurance companies would not pay for)...I had to go to the hospital to have their in-house Pharmacy'mix up' the liquid form they used in hosp for a LOT less money.....when all this didn't 'work', and gastrointerologists were asking me to 'do the transplant surgery' (NOT something I wanted to do), I went back to my Nutritionist who had told me months earlier that 'there IS a way to treat C-diff, whenever I was ready. After 9months of this, I WAS READY! He prescribed an herb known as Thymax and upped my vitamin C & D intake, plus I'm now taking minerals (none of this is over-the-counter).

All C-diff symptoms were gone within less than 2 weeks; then I did my chemo, having been cleared by Doctors as not having indication of C-diff.......Chemo for 6 months, crashed less than 24 hours after my last treatment, nearly unconscious for 3 days, in hospital for another 6 days only to get C-Diff AGAIN! Did the prescribed round of Vancomycn, AGAIN, then, when that didn't work, AGAIN, I went back to the Nutritionist and I'm back on the Thymax, etc....and feeling much better with barely any C-diff 'symptoms'...so YOU decide , I'm willing to give natural 'medicines' a chance rather than face transplant surgery.

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Hi katier

Did you consider fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT or fecal transplantation) ?



Yes, I researched it and met with Doctors, even put my Son thru the 'donor' testing, etc......I don't want to do it , I want to give Mother Nature a chance!


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