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More good news

Having had a CT scan and bone marrow biopsy after my 4th cycle of chemo i went to hospital yesterday for my 5th session & my test results. Imagine how stunned i was when my Onc said chemo was being cancelled as my biopsy shows less than 1-100,000. I have to have another biopsy in 3 months to confirm but my blood counts have also returned to normal range and it looks very promising that we have achieved our ultimate goal.I had so many questions i should have asked like is that a good result but i just sat in silence trying to make sure i listened to what he was telling me, the wife just sat teary eyed.

So anybody who is suffering from chemo and the sickness i had you just hang on in there because its all worth it.

Dont get me wrong i know i will have to live with this thing for life and i know i need lots more testing before we declare victory but to be free of chemo is an amazing feeling as i have suffered horrendous sickness.

As my Onc has also stated, if we can keep this under control for a few years its probable that future treatments will be far less toxic than chemo and far better tolerated .

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Brilliant news Grizzlebear and I bet you're not feeling grizzly at all today! It is brilliant news for all the reasons your Consultant gave and shows you responded spectacularly well to reduced treatment.

Hope you and your wife can go out and celebrate now though I suspect the relief is celebration enough!



We are having a bit of a party at the weekend then we are going away next week for a few days just to breathe and take it all in. I dont know what im feeling today its like my life was 99% cancer and 1% me. Now its 99% my life and 1% cancer and its all happened so quick, i intend to start living it again immediately!


I envy you... have fun


Great news ... and you have wrapped up a stressful time, with a honest and well written post.

.... Keep hold of that amazing feeling


Great news, grizzlebear! Long may it last!


Great news Grizzlebear, enjoy your party and the few days away. well deserved.



Wow... very MRD negative... bodes well for a very long remission...



lovely news to hear you have had a good outcome. Enjoy your party.


Great News enjoy your party all the best for the future!!


Fantastic news, here's to a very long and healthy remission.

Louise :)


Great news!

So glad to hear of your good results.


Brilliant news! Wishing you a long remission and and an FCR free future. I really recognise that post treatment feeling of the cancer:self ratio re-adjusting itself. Congratulations and enjoy the moment! xxxx


Fantastic news and long may you remain in remission.

Life starts again for you now :-)



whew! Great news - get on an enjoy that 99% life!


This very recent, June 12 2014, research paper from Blood supports the actions of your oncologist/haematologist.

‘In this issue of Blood, Strati et al provide evidence suggesting that the efficacy of chemoimmunotherapy is maintained in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients who received only 3 treatment cycles but nevertheless attained minimal residual disease (MRD) negativity.’

Details at : -


Congrats on a good treatment.



absolutely brilliant Grizzlebear. Enjoy your party and holiday.

Best wishes



Great news xxxxx


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