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HealthUnlocked site improvements: Help Pages greatly updated and Report is back

HealthUnlocked site improvements: Help Pages greatly updated and Report is back

Introducing the greatly enhanced Help page

If you've used the Help menu (right of centre on the green menu bar), you were probably less than impressed with the coverage and accuracy of the information in the Health Unlocked Support Centre.

All that has changed! Amedeo has been working hard to greatly increase the coverage of how to use this site, often including short video clips to show you how to navigate to different areas of the site and use them. Check it out!

I've reviewed the new content and provided feedback, suggesting a few corrections, so if you find any problems, check back in a few days before giving feedback to Amedeo via the 'Email Us' link under 'Contact Us' on the right hand side of the Support Centre page. You may notice that a few video clips still haven't been added, but they should be there in a few days.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

Health Unlocked have also reinstated the Report feature, by which you can flag what appears to be inappropriate content for attention by Nick or me. We've already had one attempted spamming attempt since the Report 'button' reappeared and Sparkler quickly flagged the attempt, so the spammer's content was very short lived!

You'll find the Report 'button' at the bottom of every contribution thus:

Reply to this | Edit | Report

Just click on Report and we'll deal with it promptly.

Here's the Help page on "How Can I Report Content"

News feed vs Latest activity

I've observed that if you are a member of just one community, the only difference between the two feeds is that 'Latest activity' includes all site additions (well, when the site is working correctly) and 'News feed' eliminates any of your contributions (which of course you knew about already).


Yesterday I was delighted to find these Royal Spoonbills when I was out for a ride. They are accompanied by our common seagull, the Silver Gull. Those marvellous spoonbill crests are only present during the mating season and they do like tossing them about!

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Strange looking birds - with their unusual crests, and funny flat beaks. Australia certainly has some unique wildlife.


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