Looking for Far Flung CLL Patients to Tell Their Story

Hello CLL friends: Can anyone here from Brazil, France, an Arabic speaking country, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Austria, Argentina, and Portugal please contact me at andrew@patientpower.info? If you have a webcam, we'd love to have you tell your CLL story virtually at an event in January. Let me know! Thanks!

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  • Does Israel count as remote?

  • I was just going to ask that!

  • Hi Youngen & Safta, I'm Theresa from Patient Power and I work closely with Andrew. We'd love to chat more about this opportunity. What's a good email for you (via PM please - Admin) so I can send you a message?

  • An American in Tokyo and Beijing?

  • Hi! Let's chat about this- what's a good email (via PM please - Admin) to reach you at?

  • I was first diagnosed when living in UK but took the plunge to retire to France anyway- now get watched by both health services- happy to share the experience.


  • Hi Parslow, Thanks for your willingness! What's a good email (via PM please - Admin) to reach you at to talk further?

  • @tclementi, to protect our community members, we strongly discourage members from disclosing their email addresses or other contact/location information in posts and replies using PMs instead. Accordingly, our admin team would appreciate it if in future you asked our members to reply to you via HU's PM feature - that's what it is for!

    Youngen, Safta, AmericanRonin, Drayton1, well done not replying with your emails here!



  • andrewschorr and tclementi, please do not ask our members to respond to you with their contact emails in a post that is wide open for internet searches. You are just inviting spam into their email in-boxes. Even if the post is locked, over 4,000 unvetted members can read their contact details. Please ask for responses via HealthUnlocked's Private Message service - that's what it's for!

    In accordance with our security guidelines, healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...

    it is standard practice for this community's admins to delete any submitted contact details in posts/replies to this community, so you will find replies with email contact details deleted. Tclementi, your replies asking for email addresses will also be edited to state that these should be provided via a PM.

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  • Sorry about that! I understand now :)

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