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Add a background banner to your profile

Add a background banner to your profile

One of the features introduced with the new HU interface, is the ability to personalise your profile by adding a banner image that will appear across the top of your profile.

Here's how to do it and perhaps share something more about you, where you live, what you like, etc:

I cropped my image out of a digital photo using GIMP, but the new HU site will allow you to upload an image larger that the recommended size and then move the image to how you want it displayed before you save it.

While HU recommend a banner image of over 1,170x250pixels, I was advised by HU that double this (2,340 x 500) looks great on a Retina display, though that will of course add to the loading time for anyone visiting your profile. You can visit another member's profile by clicking on their username.


Photo: Part of a flock of well over 100 galahs on a nearby school oval

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Profile page won't load on the iPad... I reported it to HU last week...

Tried Safari, Opera Coast and Chrome browsers

Anyone else on an iPad or iPhone experiencing this?



Background Banner won't load up, maybe it's the my pictures that are to blame ... and when I tried to change the settings in my profile ... ie uncheck a ' make private ' option and then press save changes ... the page just reverts to the original setting.

I am using Windows 7 on my PC.

The new site might be aimed at mobiles and tablets, but I find that being sight impaired the changes have made the site user unfriendly .. there are no strong borders around the posts, and having no difference between the background and the posts themselves makes the pages painful for me to read. Oh and the silver/grey print is a nightmare for me on a white background.

Sorry, but the new site does not engage me.

I had expressed these points as a sight impaired user when the set up was being tested ... Oh well !

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HU is terrible on an iPad and unusable on an iPhone... edit fields are tiny and they do not resize on iOS7 and text no longer 'pinch out'... green menu bar, floats around and blocks text on the screen... something I reported a year ago.

The screens are very 'white' and there is a huge waste of space ...

Recently, I noted that tags are now dot underlined in the text fields... makes it further difficult to read... the tagging system is mindless and searching is still very hit or miss... I thought they were working on an editable tagging system...

Constant tinkering... worse than Facebook... hope the bolding helps you to read this



... cheers Chris.

A bit of colour in the background and I wouldn't be so ' Snowblind ' .... totally agree with you on the ' white ' pages and the huge waste of space.

I don't know how I'd like to find myself visiting this site for the first time ...

It just feels as if I've walked into someone elses conversation when I log on ... I would have thought it best to have a headline front page to help the first time visitor feel comfortable enough to want to explore the potential of the site.


I agree, why is it so wishy washy and pale. White background, grey ink, pale green header and pale orange signage.

Whats up with black ink, nice bright green header, clear black or blue edges to boxes etc.

Very uninviting as well as hard to read especially on small phone screens.

With todays technology it cant be that hard to get a more appealing and more easily readable format.

Finding things is laborious and this site is nowhere near as user friendly as the old one.


Edited Profile information and uploaded banner image (.png 940x198) are not sticking when the page is saved.


"While HU recommend a banner image of over 1,170x250pixels...". Try that size and perhaps a jpg file. png files may not be supported, but I think the problem is that you are trying to upload too small an image. I found it wouldn't accept an image just a bit smaller than the recommended size and I'm not sure HU fixed that.


GIMPed image up to 1170x250 jpg and it stuck. Thanks. @gotCLL


I just posted to this thread... never was submitted... tired of this...


Do you mean you had to click/select the submit button several times? I've had that problem lately, but my Internet connection is so bad I wouldn't know where the fault lay.

As far as I know, HU still have a 'fix' in for apple devices so you can't upload a banner...


Yes... there is no feed back.... click the button several times and nothing happens... then sometimes the post appears after a screen refresh, sometimes it doesn't... there usually is a green 'Posted' banner that appears... or 'Response edited sucessfully...' but this seems not aways to appear... it seems to be working at the moment...


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