New HU Search Facility - your feedback please

New HU Search Facility - your feedback please

Today you should have received a Private Message (PM) from Amedeo announcing HealthUnlocked's much improved Search. Amedeo has invited your feedback, which you can do by replying to his PM (or here if you'd like to share your experience more directly with our community).

In my brief experience with the new Search, I've found it much improved and occasionally very slow. If you are only looking for information from our community, I recommend you include CLL in your search text. Otherwise, if you search for problems common to other conditions, content from our site won't necessarily appear in the returns and our community may not appear in the HU community sites that appear under 'Search by'. (That said, you might find some gems if you deliberately omit CLL; I found someone who had done some research about the effectiveness of EGCG and Turmeric in treating cancers and had turned up some interesting research reports/papers I hadn't seen.)

Also, to help the new search return popular items, please flag any content you find interesting or helpful by clicking on Recommend to the bottom right of the post/question/reply.




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11 Replies

  • Much better in my opinion... wish it would default to this group, without putting in CLL in the search string... kind of backwards implementation.


  • Seems better, there is one addition that I would like but presume code to write would take too long. When I log in I go to 'News Feed' to catch up with what has happened since I was last on the site. Delighted that so many more are writting, but now there is so much more to run down to get to a day ago, then having read the item selected, I press the arrow back, but it takes me to the beginning again and not where I was.

    Perhaps there is a different way other than going to questions and posts. Any advice ?


  • Bub, I presume you click on an item and then click on the last web page/back arrow to take you back to the 'News feed'?

    To scan through the activity from when I last logged on, I just use the scroll wheel on my mouse. Alternatively you can click on the right scrollbar and slide the scrollbar up and down. My technique for going through any list of links (which the 'News feed' and 'Last activity' pages basically are, is to use Tabbed Browsing, i.e. keep the reference page open as is and read any interesting additions by right clicking on a link and selecting 'Open Link in New Tab'. I generally use the Firefox browser, but other browsers that provide multiple tabs (don't they all nowadays?) should work in the same manner.


  • Brilliant Neil ! works perfectly. What it is to have a brain :-)


  • Thanks Neil

    I shall give it ago tomorrow.


  • Love the photo Neil... it looks exactly how my hair looks when it grew back after RCHOP :-)

  • No PM. My screen did go from something I was reading to this site and a post which I did not have time to read, as the screen then switched back. Now I can't find the post. It appeared to be from hair bear - who could miss that picture, said something about Chris having Canada covered and, I think, mentioned me in the US, but that's all I got. I have searched and searched and nothing?????

  • Hi Pat,

    I'll confirm with Amedeo that the PM was intended to go out to everyone. I don't know what caused your screen switching and with what information you provided, I wasn't able to turn up anything likely either - unless it was the question on IVIG which you've answered?

    So search isn't yet perfect :(


  • Below is the Private Message (PM) about the new search facility that everyone should have received from Health Unlocked. Receipt of this PM would have been indicated by a red spot containing the number 1 (or higher if there were other unread Private Messages) in the envelope on the green menu bar at the top of the web page.

    FYI, Help page on reading and replying to a private message:

    Please reply to this post if you didn't get this PM!




    "We wanted to share some exciting news. As of today searching across HealthUnlocked for questions, posts, and replies is now much easier. The main changes are:

    1) You can search directly in your own community or across all of HealthUnlocked.

    2) You can sort the results by relevance or by date.

    Give it a try! Type in a word or phrase you’d like some more information about in our search bar in the top right of the page and see the difference straight away.

    Click here for more details about how search works:

    If you have any questions get in touch with us through the Email Us contact form in our Support Centre.

    Thank you for being a member of HealthUnlocked.

    Best regards,

    Amedeo d’Amore

    HealthUnlocked Communities Team"

  • I did receive the message about spam - nice, as the other group I am in received one spam message and I received a spam PM here! I did not receive the other message through either of my groups.

  • Pat and anyone else who did not receive this PM from HealthUnlocked!

    If you haven't received the PM about the Search improvements, it's because you requested not to receive these announcements in your email preferences setting - "Email me announcements, and occasional news, tips and insights from HealthUnlocked". If you opted out, HealthUnlocked can't send platform-wide messages like the Search one without being guilty of spam themselves!

    Only a very small minority of users opts out from receiving such announcements, but if you are in that minority, you might like to reconsider your settings:


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