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How to edit your Profile (or just your profile/avatar picture)

How to edit your Profile (or just your profile/avatar picture)

One of the features provided by this site is the ability to include background information in your personal profile and personalise your profile picture/avatar image (the image that appears in the top menu and against your posts, questions and replies). You can access someone else's profile by clicking on their profile picture or their username. You can even include hyperlinks in your profile, so if you have your own website, blog site or even a Youtube video you wish to share, that's how you do it!

Whether or not you edit your profile is of course a very personal matter. You may wish to maintain your anonymity and there are many very good reasons for having this position. However, even if you are not comfortable with sharing all the requested information, you may wish to customise your profile picture and possibly share a little bit more about yourself, such as the country you live in, given that this information can help others to provide more useful responses to your questions. This site also enables you to enter some information for use only by HealthUnlocked, so they can eventually provide customised services for you (i.e. My symptoms, My conditions, My treatments, Gender, Birthday and postal location code). Each of these fields has a tick box you can select to set these fields to private, so that no other members can see this information.

If you've decided to update your profile (or just wish to check what's already there), access your profile page by clicking on your Username in the centre of the top menu, then clicking on 'Profile'.

Updating your Profile Picture

Customising your profile picture is a bit more involved than the process you go through when you include a picture in a Post, as you can cut out a rectangular portion from an uploaded picture to create your profile picture. (Still, if the size of your chosen picture is large, I'd recommend you edit your picture beforehand. The image needs to be under 2 Megabytes and if you don't want to extract something from a larger image, I'd aim for under 200kbytes.) If you aren't comfortable with using picture editing software, you might find it easier to use a digital camera or mobile phone and adjust the resolution down on that before photographing something you'd like to use for your profile picture. If you have not disclosed your condition widely, then I'd recommend you do not upload a picture of yourself. I've covered the process of using a very good open source (free) application that works on Apple, Microsoft and Linux computers here:

Once you've chosen a suitable picture and have it saved on the device you are using to view this website, click under 'Choose a picture to upload' or 'Choose file' and navigate to your chosen picture then click on it. After a few seconds your picture is displayed and you have the ability to 'Crop and save' or 'Cancel'. If you are happy with the photo as is, just click on 'Crop and save'. Otherwise, crop what you want by dragging the lighter outline box around the displayed image to highlight the area you want displayed then size the outline box using the 'handles' i.e. by clicking on the small square boxes on the corners and edges. Click 'Cancel' if you aren't happy with the displayed photo.

Editing 'My symptoms', 'My conditions' and 'My treatments'

The process of editing these is the same; once you've done one, you'll find the others easy to do. I'll explain the process with 'My conditions'. Because these fields can only contain predefined entries, you can't type in and save any old text. (I found this out the hard way and I know I'm not alone here!) What you type in will match against predefined entries. The majority of us would have B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia and some of us Small cell lymphocytic lymphoma. You will need to type in sufficient letters to match the condition you are searching for; if you don't type in enough letters, the condition you are searching for may not appear in the suggested list. I'll give an example to clarify this:

Type in 'dia' (without the quotes). After a few seconds, you'll see a range of diabetes conditions plus some other conditions, now add a 's' so you have 'dias'. You'll now see a range of diastolic heart conditions you can chose from. These couldn't all be displayed, because there wasn't enough room on the web page. Slide your mouse down to the condition you wish to select and click on it.

Repeat the above process to add in all the conditions you wish to share. If you want to delete a condition, click on the red 'X'. To finish, click in the 'Private' box if you don't want other members to see this field and click on the red 'Done' button.

Repeat for 'My symptoms' and 'My treatments'.

My communities field

I suggest you leave this field alone.

About me field

Click on the 'Edit' button, enter whatever you'd like to share about yourself then click on the red 'Done' button to save it. (Note that when your text is finally saved, it looks like any paragraphing has been obliterated, but paragraph separation is retained and just not visible.)

Gender, Birthday and Country

Updating these is fairly straightforward. Don't forget to click on the 'Private' box if you don't want to share this information.

Before you leave your profile page, check what is visible to other users by going to the top of the page and clicking on the white box 'View profile'. Go back to your profile page and edit anything you want to change, perhaps setting some of the information fields to private.

As you complete more of your profile fields, you'll be informed what percentage of your profile you've completed on the 'News feed' page, which can reach by clicking on 'Home' in the green menu bar. (You can also go directly to your profile by clicking on the 'Update profile' yellow button visible on the right of this page.)

I hope this has been helpful; I'll be looking forward to seeing some more custom profile pictures if nothing else!


The accompanying picture shows the local creek flowing near dusk - hence the trails left by the foam drifting with the flow due to the long exposure time. Nearby lakes are now brimming with water after being dry last summer, so they'll soon be brimming with water bird life, some of which I soon hope to capture with my camera.

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Hi I have done all this, treatments didn't match up so I have left this blank. Best wishes


Yes there's an incredible number of conditions and treatments, but I agree you can't always find a good match.


I wanted to put in "tiredness" or "fatigue" - such basic things, but couldn't do it. It wanted me to say "battle fatigue" or "muscle fatigue" or other sorts of fatigue, which don't really fit my situation. It wouldn't accept "tired" or "tiredness" either - only said "tired eyes" and other things.


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