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Need advice on where I Can get the above in Yorkshire

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Have you tried obtaining a list of Thyroid friendly Docs who may give you a Private prescription ?



Hi Marz, thank you for replying. I am going to see another Endo as my previous one was useless and will only give me Levothyroxine, even though I am very ill with so many awful symptoms, too many to list and my ranges are all over the place.

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In your last post/thread members asked for your results with ranges so we can offer support. Do you have them ? - if so do post them. Have you researched your Endo - is he a Thyroid Whizz or just another Diabetes Dude ?


Hi Marz, thank you for the reply and I trust you are well.. I am still very ill and my symptoms are getting worse.. I am going to see a different Endo on Monday, I am in such despair and hoping she can help me.. Did you ever suffer with numbness around your body.. I have recently lost the feeling in two of my fingers, my left hip and down my left thigh, I also have a numb right thigh..

My recent Bloods are>

TSH> 0.07

Serum Free T4> 13.2

Serum free T3> 4.1

Serum Cortisol> 399

TPO > 82

Vitamin D>

Serum calcium> 46

Serum Albumin> 2.36

Serum Sodium> 141

Serum Potassium> 4.2

Serum Chloride> 104

Serum Creatinine> 69

GFR Calculated> 75

Take care

Keep well



So sorry you are feeling so poorly. Hopefully you will receive help on Monday. You will need to post your ranges for me to make sense of your results - labs do vary. Also what is your current dose ? No VitD result ... ?

Your symptoms could be linked to LOW B12 - which can become a neurological condition with results under 500. I inject weekly as I have numb legs due to spinal issues. B12 is metabolised in a small area of the gut - the Terminal Ileum - which I do not have due to surgery. Do you have gut issues ?

Due to your TSH reading you will find it difficult to have an increase in dose BUT do not accept a lower dose as it is the T3 that is the most important result and your T3 looks well in range.

Hope all goes well on Monday. Have you researched this Endo ? What other meds are you taking ? Could they be affecting results ? How do you take your Levo ? Do you have absorption issues ?

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Did you have any luck finding a Doc


The lab ref. range (of each test) is stated alongside each test. It's good practice to include lab results WITH lab ref. ranges whenever you're seeking opinions, as the ref. ranges can vary from lab to lab.