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Follow up on my Hubby phone appointment

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The Dr rang as promised he said that the endoscopy Ultrasound was done as they thought he had blood cancer which as come back as negative which is good news😃 but they are still not clear what is causing the cirrhosis, his pancreas and gallbladder are both inflamed so he’s going to do some blood test to hopefully get some answers through them, if these don’t give some answers to want is going on with his liver. He wants him to have a liver biopsy but is reluctant to do one due to his weight. He also as got a bad case of Cellulitis on his leg so he got him in hospital tomorrow for intravenous antibiotics and while his in they will do the blood test for the cirrhosis, he not happy about it but he’ll be in the best place and hopefully we get some answers and start some treatment soon. Hope everyone is doing well, as can be expected anyway ❤️ To you all xxx

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Hi Deb

Thanks for updating us on Andy. Great to hear the cancer test was negative, always a huge worry that one.

If a biopsy is the only way to get a definite answer I would have one done. But I certainly understand Andy's reluctance. There are 2 methods for biopsy, via needle or through a vein.

You are right, the hospital is the best place for him at the moment, they can treat him and run tests without having to set distant appointments. Take this time to have a break and relax.


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Dobielove in reply to DavyGravy

Hi DaveWell he’s on his way so that’s half the battle, yeah good news on the cancer and hopefully these blood test will throw some light on what’s causing the cirrhosis then they can start him on some sort of treatment plan, as it not alcohol related they can’t treat it 🤦🏻‍♀️ Until they know the cause, it’s so frustrating we have had a bad few days where he’s just not eating anything, and yesterday he had ordered some sweets from Amazon 1kg of wine gums and American Hard gums lucky I catch the order before it send out and cancel it, it’s like looking after a child honestly.

Dr said they may keep him in for a couple of days if they need to give him intravenous antibiotics for cellulitis. Like you said at least this way the blood test will be done sooner than have to wait for another appointment. I’m going to take this time to recharge my batteries weather it’s just a day or a couple of days going spent the morning in bed with my doberman and watch trash TV 😂🤣😂 Thanks Dave I hope you are going well ❤️Deb.x

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Hi Deb, as you are probably aware... I have had a transplant and am experiencing some slight rejection. If the results are not what they want to see then a biopsy is needed. After all the tests and waiting for results, the best medication was knowing what was wrong. Then you can deal with things, get as many tests possible at least you can rule things out..... anxiety is worse than the actual condition, it plague's your mind.Good luck with everything and some more..

Danny x

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Dobielove in reply to Zukosmile07

Hi DannyThanks for your reply your attitude is amazing you are such inspiration always having a joke and I know you most have down days too but please know you have helped me when I just feel so lost not know want to do and if I’m doing the right thing for my husband. I hope these problems you are experiencing are just a bump in the road for you and that your new liver is just settling in its new home and wish you all the very best for your very long health life and Family.

You are so right the anxiety is so much worst and the not knowing is killing me, Andrew as the attitude is so laid back his not worried about it which I suppose is good but it upset 😭 sending you much ❤️ Deb.x

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Dobielove

Thank you Deb, I really appreciate your kind words. People say things like that but I'm just being me. Dave is the one that helped me. (Unknowingly to him) by saying that I helped him (I know sounds daft, but that is what happened).

Just be yourself and you can't go wrong.

Thanks again Danny x

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Dobielove in reply to Zukosmile07

Yeah Dave a lovely person too He was one of the first people who reached out to me on my first post as well as yourself I just think your amazing how you cope with this awful disease and know that if you never need a ear I am always here for you not that I know much about liver disease but if you wanted a rant or to sound off or just a chat you take Care and stay Safe ❤️Deb.x

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Morning beautiful

Just thought I would share beautiful morning sun set ❤️ Worth getting up for 😴

Stunning photo Dobielove - made me stop in my tracks, relax my shoulders and take a deep breath!! If it would help to talk things through, our nurse led helpline is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330.

Take care,


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Hi Trust 10Thank you 😊 Wasn’t sure if it was allowed but thought it was so beautiful and I glad it relax you even it was only for a few seconds shame it wasn’t some tropical paradise 🌴🌞 instead of cold and wet Manchester 🌧 😂🤣😂 thank you for the advice on the Nurses I will keep it in mind if I need clarification on any treatment offer to Andrew take care and stay Safe ❤️😘xxx

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