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Evening all, update on hubby

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Evening all, trust everyone is doing as best they can is such an aweful situation we are all stuck in,

So an update on hubby, Short reminder he had been well worse than normal and i had written to his drs saying i believe hes got more of a serious condition than they have diagnosed him with,.So the dr rang and wanted hubby to have more bloods done.

Last fri (09/10/2020) He had his bloods done, they checked all sorts, liver,kidneys,blood count,diabetes,infection.etc...The bloods came back yesterday and all came back ok ,the dr has said he wants repeat bloods done in 3 months time.

Hubby is still spending alot of time in bed with stomach pains, hes sleeping alot still,He goes days without eating so im supprised he seems to have put weight on..(not weighed but can see it he has.)..

I have to admit i am so shocked at the blood results. I do feel the dr has just brushed off the symptoms by doing the blood tests, Aside from kidnapping his dr and making him sit and listen to me and the dr having more tests done , i feel my hands have been tied. Yes i could ring an ambulance but hubby wont let them in to see him he just wants to sleep..

Hope everyone has a comfortable weekend..

Take care/


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I am sorry to hear you are still not getting answers. Did he see the stomach doctor? Has he had an endoscopy to see if anything is going on in his stomach or bowel?

You would think your GP would be looking at other things if he has ruled out any further developments in the liver?

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Morning jazzjam,thank you for your reply..

No he hasnt seen his stomach dr,Hes not heard anything, his dr hasnt mentioned him having an endoscopy , His dr had a full list of bloods done.The drs he has arent very good at pushing things with consultants and hospital appointments, The dr once told him over the phone he had lung cancer, then told by the consultant that its not cancer but his lung has turned in on itself to which its nothing shes ever seen in the whole of her 26 year profession, She then discharged him and said any problems see your dr to be referred back to me,Twice that i know of patients have died through their neglection , one is going through the courts,and i only know of this because i know the two families that are involved. I have mentioned this too hubby and suggest he changes his drs but he keeps saying they know what they are doing, and your (me ) am not a dr, besides they have known me since i was a baby.. He did say yesterday that enough was enough and hes hoping to be well enough to ring the drs in Monday, to see or speak to the drs, If he isnt well enough im going to be ringing them and say he needs to be seen by the dr, and examined properly..

Its just so draining..

Take care


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I had this issue. In pain for over two months and 3 A&E admissions and they just kept telling me to take lanzoprazole. In the end it got so bad I paid to see a private consultant and was having an ultrasound scan within 6 days or so! Funny how a small amount of money had so much influence 🤬. The scan showed gallstones.

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wow pamziepam, its terrible how they can do that and the others cant, its all down to money isnt it??Hope your ok


I'm so sorry your husband is still struggling. Could you phone his consultant's secretary to see what the next plan of action is? If he isn't under a consultant , maybe his Dr could be persuaded to refer him???

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️💜

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Morning Lynne. Thank you for your reply..Hubby or i am ringing in the morning..

It seems to be common practice for all medics to play down blood test results that are abnormal. I think they try not to alarm people but, equally, if you know something is wrong with you and they say that bloods are ok, then start keeping your own test results , because not knowing is twice as alarming xxx.

They are (Easily available on a phone App and Online called Patient Access). Coordinate getting access with GP receptionists who will give you a form!!!!!

On the list for your Medical Records there is a criteria called Test Results. Check back as far as you want to. Most results provide a normal range, your score and whether it is normal or abnormal. Google needs using only when a particular test is written as (normal range - not known). There can be several of these. I personally only keep a record of my ‘Abnormal’ results and dates - hence I can see any relevant changes, any patterns emerging and so on.

Several times I have had to challenge my GP with an abnormal result that I do not understand and they had no intention of discussing with me. Getting hospital test results is more of a challenge though I’m afraid, despite the rhetoric that one is entitled to have copies!!!

Good luck xxxxx

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Morning splodge./(loving the name by the way made me smile)...I do have a print out of hubbys records , and its all over the place, one place says hes got cirrhosis back in 2016 another says hes got fatty liver in 2018. One says abnormal liver function 2008 another says normal function 2010. I have lost all faith in our drs. I personally think he is half man half robot shh dont tell anyone,,, ha,, Sorry my sense of humor, if i dont laugh ill be crying.

Take care



We seem to have to fight for everything. Whatever appointment/ procedure I've needed I've had to push otherwise I would be at the bottom of the queue!!

Please let us know how you get on tomorrow.

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈🌹

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Hi Lynne...Yeah i agree, seem to be fighting a loosing battle sometimes dont we? Will keep you posted... How are things with you and hubby?? Sending hugs...

Afternoon all.....

So update again on hubby, seems to be all im doing lately..

Ok so he ended up at the drs yesterday just after mid day.Hes been just so ill when she rang back she said i need to see you to examine you and there may be a chance i might have to send you to the hospital so bear that in mind, so he goes into see the dr and she said ,ok so your tummy is distended but with normal bowel sounds, i am concerned you have lost weight and sleeping excessably and not able to eat either, so if i send you in to be admitted they can do an endoscopy and do all the tests they need to get to the bottom of this because this pain and everything else has been going on for far too long...

So we get to the hospital and they put candulas (how ever its spelt ) in both hands, sent him for an xray and some bloods. That was at 1 pm, 6 pm they were discharging him saying the pain hes having was caused through constipation , i said so hes been constipated for weeks then? the dr said well looking at the xray hes constipated and thats what is causing the pain, hubby looked at the consultant and said but i havent been in much pain today, so that dont add up, the consultant said well thats what i believe is your problem ,constipation then proceeded to say i can show you the xrays if you want and then laughed saying you can see the poo in there, i was speechless, not just at his answer but the fact he thought it was funny.

Hubby said have you read my history, the consultant said no i didnt have to ,i have read the reason the dr sent you here to us. So if you come in tomorrow we can give you laxatives and walked off. I think i was in shock and thought maybe i was in the mental part of the hospital.

No endos done, no waiting on the blood tests, just discharged and now you have to leave the ward as soon as your discharged.. That is the second time the dr has sent hubby up to the hospital to be admitted and the second time told there is basically nothing wrong with him.

Yet again i have been made to also look like an over the top wife,And to top it off hubby is now saying see nothing wrong with me, and is never going to the drs or hospital unless his arms or legs are falling off..First thing he done when we got in was pour himself a glass of whiskey. So if i hadnt lost faith in the health board by yesterday i do now..

Hows everyone elses week gone so far.

Love and hugs to everyone,, stay safe .


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