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Finally had blood tests

Hi all. I finally 'bit the bullet' and had my bloods done for Hep C and B. This was after scans which showed fibrosis and 'some' cirrhosis. Saw a Dr at my usual practice. Never seen her before. She told me to immediately stop my anti depressants as they would badly damage my liver further. Left confused, but stopped. If anyone read my earlier post I said I was all alone and could not discuss my condition with anyone close as I saw their reaction when my late young brother died with hep c and cirrhosis. They avoided him like the plague. Anyway, in the meantime my Dr advised I get vaccinated against hep b. Went into practice where a nurse was giving my injection. As I sat there another Dr came in..She had looked up my file as the only hep b vaccination available in 2 states was a child's dose X 2. Dr came into nurse and whispered 'she has hep c'. I was mortified, remembering how my own family felt. Dr and nurse continued to whisper. Two days later I started taking my anti depressants again . I felt so alone and at times had prayed to go to sleep and not wake up. Suicide was going through my mind but I had a younger brother who suicided after a terrible accident left him with brain damage. I remembered my pain at this loss and knew I couldn't put my remaining siblings and my daughter and young grandchildren through that. Oh, by the way, my parents both 90 years old, didnt come into my mind after the way they treated my brother who died from a compromised liver. Today I left my Dr who is so vague about the condition of my liver with a script for hep c treatment. I asked him should there be side effects to which he answered..'you have to tell me that'. I am living in a vaccum... Dr told me had hep A but am not a carrier. Okay. Don't have hep B. Okay. Have hep C. Okay. Have fibrosis and some cirrhosis. Okay. Ot okay really. I don't understand where my health is at. Am so on edge, nerves are in tatters, every sound is loud and overwhelming and am so tired. I don't even know if it's my mental or physical state that is exhausting me. Insult to injury..opened a letter from Bowel Screen that said my recent test showed Positive. Dr suggested a colonoschophy ..unsure of spelling, I reminded him I have Divaticulitis (?) which causes blood in stool. He just looked vague so I said (as I live in a small town) I will have procedure done after hep c treatment. Our hospital is a cesspool for gossip. Have lost interest in everything. I don't know about UK but in Australia Hepatitis of any sort has terrible stigma. I live in a state of confusion so I hope my post isn't too hard to follow. Just wanted to write what is happening with me. I hope the Universe/God is kind to all you wonderful compassionate people. Penelope ❤

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You poor thing, what a nightmare. Very hard for me to give you any advice as it all seems so messy. I would check on the internet about your antidepressants, it's about the last thing here that the doctors would advise giving up but maybe yours are particularly bad for the liver in which case ask for some different ones. Try not to let them get you down. Come back to this site with any details you don't understand and hopefully one of us can shed some light. Emma

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You should ask you doctors about alternative anti depressants some of them may be bad for the liver but I think there are others you may be able to take.

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Maybe it's not so simple in Australia but if I was being treated like that I would change surgeries completely and complain about your current doctors.

There is a lot of stigma over liver disease. Generally here in the U.K., from my experience, the first thing people think when you tell them you have a liver disease or need a transplant is that it's because you drink too much.

People can be so narrow minded, and in a way you can forgive those that don't know any better but those with medical training there is no excuse.

I hope things get better for you.

The colonoscopy isn't so bad, undignified but it's not the worst.

Take care


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