I have cirrhosis due to hepatitis C which was diagnosed last year, I have known of the hep C since the 80's I have had several ok biopsys prior to this diagnosis I had my gallbladder removed about 10yrs ago never any mention of cirrhosis until last year so I take the medication Ribavirin & SOVALDI and I show <15 non detectable presently. So all is good then we do the MRI and now I have tumors on the liver also the spleen and left kidney. My question is does anyone know or is there a difference on how you got cirrhosis ( alcohol etc ) as to it leading to other problems ? Or we all just in the same boat?

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  • Did your tumors show up after treatment or before? Aloha

  • Exactly 6 weeks afterwards, with the tumor in the spleen being a fast grower then several on the liver an kidney , which we will watch every 6 months the last MRI they added borderline size lymph nodes in the porta hepatis area.

  • Hello, anti viral drugs are promoted aggressively as the pancea for hep c ..however since my hcc was diagnosed 5 weeks after starting said anti virals I've been reading research and findings show hcc within 150/300 tested (cirrhosis hcv) I fail to see why this information isn't passed on to the patient prior. .. (£80000 per patient might be a good reason if I was a pessimistic fellow)

  • That is really hard. I am sorry. I had cancer in my liver shortly after I began treatment. None there before. Now it's in my lungs too. I had Solvaldi and olysio

  • That's crazy I was at pulmonary dr for a follow up on my new onset of adult asthma I believe it will spread there soon enough. It's nice to have someone else to talk with thanks

  • You bet it is nice to have someone to talk to about all of this. Its interesting my cancer showed up in about 5 weeks after starting treatment. It has taken almost 3 years for the first cancer to actually keep me down but I am down. Then the cancer mastised in my lungs and my ascities began to be a daily issue, it never goes away. Aloha

  • Just today I got diagnosed with Tachycardia

  • I will look that up. I am sorry multiple layers of problems have been laid on you. Aloha

  • Sometimes I have to wonder just what is next in following my notes it appears around every 90 days I get a new diagnosis, my neighbors said it's good insurance. It is my understanding with the hepatitis C virus being untreated for 30+ yrs there's no telling as to what to expect

  • Yep I had it 42 years, treated with old drugs in 2004 shots of interferon and ribavarin pills for one year, then till new drugs 2014 I was too ill to treat. I sure would now rather know where I would be without the trial drugs I agreeded to try. But this is now and that was then. Aloha

  • Hi I don't think it matters what causes cirrhosis everyone once diagnosed is in the same boat and trying to manage it the same - no salt diet, no alcohol, specific nutrients etc.

    I have also read that the help C medication is linked to cancer - cant quiet believe they still give it people - is there nothing else?

    Please ask if PDT is appropriate to treat you tumours.

    Good luck

  • Fighting cancer and cirrhosis is a bit more than double duty. Just cirrhosis, I could handle that. Caner now runs my show of energy. Aloha

  • I know it is I took care of my mother she had breast cancer in the 70's and 90's she is 87 now and believes in the power of believing you can heal yourself, keep up the fight

  • Boat same just everyone got on using separate walkways, using their own slightly different decks and gang planks etc hun ... 😲😂😂😂👍😊🤗😊

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