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Have just seen my heptologist.After clearing Hep C on the trial my fibroscan has dropped from 19.5 to 13.6 to 11.9.over a year.He said they are seeing this  often.When he was trained they thought cirrhosis (scarring) was irreversible but now it appears the scarring is"ameliorating"and my liver is reconfiguring ,reckons I can get to 10.These new drugs are amazing ,Dr says we ARE in new territory (I want 7!)

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  • Thats brilliant, I'm just into my 7th week of new treatment so this has made me really hopeful that my fibro score might go down too!!! Which treatment trail were you on? Oh & congratulations on clearing the hep C & for  the amazing healing liver :) 

  • Sofosbuvir and ribavirin 24 weeks

  • I think I remember hearing or reading something that the liver is better at regenerating itself than previously thought. That is promising. I'm entering my sixth week of treatment and have noticed that the pain I normally have in my right side is lessening, so I'm hoping that means any inflammation I've had is dying down. Good luck with getting to 7 – and hopefully even less!

  • New drugs u should be clear

  • What is name of the new drug? 

  • I think they are talking about drugs that cure Hepatitis C SAMBS, which is one thing you dont have, lol!

  • That's fab news I bet you are thrilled. It's exciting to know that as long as conditions are right that the cirrhosis can reverse. My consultant told me that too but not all docs are aware of this especially GPs.

    Good luck with the next one! 😃😃😃

  • I rember being told by teacher in school when doing human biology lessons that the liver is Is the only self regenerating organ in the body! That's why I've been less concerned by my condition and rapidly changed my lifestyle in terms what I ate. That was over 50 years ago, so I'm amazed that so few people, docs especially are unaware of that fact! 

    Alcohol is probably the most "self inflicted" cause of liver disease these days, which it wasn't waŷ back then, except perhaps in Scotland where whiskey, quite high alcoholic content, was drunk more than the other. For women today wine and/or lager which teenagers drink, may well be the highest cause. 

  • It's well known that the liver regenerates itself but up until recently it was thought that it was only up to a point. Once it got to actual Cirrhosis it was past the point of no return but new evidence suggests that it is possible under the right conditions to actually reverse cirrhosis too. 👍🏼

  • Congratulations! Be patient, it took me four years to see a fibroscan score of 44 drop to 5.5.  These new drugs are amazing.  All you need to do is live a healthy lifestyle. Good luck!

  • 44 to 5.5!!!!! WOW!!!! well done :) 

  • Do they say u are cirrhotic ?

  • Yes Bunny2be, I had fibroscan as well as a biopsy, both confirmed that the liver was cirrhotic. The consultant even suggested that without any treatment, it would only take 1.5 years to get to decompensation/liver failure stage, then it would become a life and death matter. I was very lucky to be picked up by NHS. 

  • Sorry should have been clearer, so is your liver now considered totally cured and cirrhosis free?

  • It will need a biopsy to further confirm. I am not going to have that again soon as it is quite painful. 

  • So where are u now

  • What new drugs are you referring to please.  

  • The new hep c antivirals mine were from Gilead

  • Excellent 

  • They are now moving forward very fast to treat all people  with Hep c...i was told only a few days ago by a liver consultant  that i would have needed  a transplant  in the near  future if it wasn't  for me getting treatment  with Harvoni. .i am 8wks into  treatment  and undetectable. 

    Feeling great to put a stop to any futher damage... thanks to this life saving drug i now have a future! 

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