Fibroscan Today

Fibroscan Today

Hi Everyone. How are you all today? I had my Fibroscan today and all is looking good :) Bearing in mind that just over a month ago my Dr had told me that I HAD CIRRHOSiS!!! According to the liver nurse, there is no sign of cirrhosis or fibrosis!! A little bit of fat around my liver (normal reading is 225, mine is at 245) which I THINK I can sort with diet/exercise. There is still something going on due to the pain I get but there will be further investigations, BUT, this is good news right? I still have to wait for a full report from my specialist but feeling good. The liver nurse even let me take a pic of my readings, not that it makes any sense to me, but my reading was 3.2, which I think is good!

You have all been so wonderful and supportive and I couldn't have got through these last few weeks without you all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you <3

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  • Hiya Chaibooboo,

    Sounds good to me but again I'm no specialist. You must have the deluxe version where you went as our hospital machine (Frimley Park) doesn't do the CAP reading for fat.

    All I can say regarding your other reading of 3.2kpa is that when I had mine done the nurse said they like to see it under 6 generally but some say 7...mine was 5.3.

    Fingers crossed when the consultant looks at everything then it will be a positive outcome. Quite frankly if it is I would complain to the GP to ensure they haven't put Cirrhosis on your records or at the very least have a 'word'..

    Take care,

    Michelle xx

  • Glad for you! Yay! Take this episode as a warning to stick to recommended drinking levels at most.

    Hope everything goes well in the future :-)

  • Wow, looks great! Makes my 4.8 look like a mess! I lose track of everbodies story on here and the other website. Are you the one who had possible auto-immune issues? Anyway, that is a great number, I get my next fibro next month, hope to see a drop from 4.8. I had such bad drug induced hep from medicine that the portal pressure tore my abdomen in the linea alba. If my liver bounced back, I'm sure yours will give you no problems. Thanks for the good news, nice to see!

  • I don't think 4.8 is a mess! Far from it...

  • 4.8 is good isn't it? Fingers crossed for you that it reduces more when you have your next scan. Thinking of you.xx

  • Hiya chai boohoo I had my fibroscan two weeks ago still waiting on results should hear this week I will let you know my results I have autoimmune hepititis

  • I hope all is well :) Yes keep us posted. Good Luck. Lots of love xxxxxx

  • Wow that was quick reply thanks v much yes I will let you know as soon as I get results ru in uk x

  • Hi Chaibooboo I had my fibroscan two weeks ago still awaiting my results as soon as I get them I will let you know mine I have autoimmune hepititis

  • Hi Chai,

    I agree with Miche49uk you were very lucky to get this fancy equipment for your fibroscan detailed, super. Only one comment when posting such a picture, some of your personal details are visible careful.

    Back to your scan, I agree that you should speak to your GP, perhaps ask what led to his/her diagnosis. Do you know whether or not your liver enzymes were increased?

  • Thank you. Thankfully the info on the Scan didn't any of my personal info on. Yes I will definitely be talking to the Dr. She should never have told me I had Cirrhosis without being sure, especially knowing I suffer from anxiety. xx

  • Thanks Miche49uk. I know 4.8 is good, I was very surprised when the results came back considering my liver was so inflamed my portal pressure broke my abdomen down the middle. My AST was 4 times as high as my elevated ALT. Very glad to see that I didn't end up too far gone, my heart goes out to those who have to deal with this on a daily basis.

  • Me too kurty xx

  • I am so happy for you! My daughter and I saw her doctor yesterday but the news was not so good...on the A/B/C scale she is a B- . That is too close to a C for me. He is sending her to the hospital to have some water drained and has given her the higher dose of water pills. She also got another prescription. He will see her in 30 days to see if there is any change. She has to move up to an A since a transplant is not very likely. Neither one of us expected this news and were very worried now. Keep in touch. 😣

  • HI Lee. I'm really sorry to hear what you are both going through. I hope that things will start to improve. In my prayers. Lots of love xxxx

  • Hi

    So sorry to hear about your daughter. Take care xx

  • Yay! This is so great to hear! I've been following your story closely b/c you and I have the same exact symptoms and similar age/labs, I'm just a bit behind you in my journey and get my ultrasound tomorrow morning. Hopefully my news is as positive as yours!

  • HI Jenny. Thanks you xx I have everything crossed for you today. Keep us posted. xx

  • Yeah, it's good, the liver has great healing processes implemented. I was being sarcastic because a 3.2 is like a babies' liver, which, is around 2.9KPA.

  • Wow!!, So pleased for you . Hope you get your pain sorted out. Take care xxxx

  • That's really encouraging and good news. So pleased for you. I know you have to see your specialist yet, but it's looking good. Makes you wonder what you GP was basing telling you, you had cirrhosis on? Hopeful for a good outcome for you xx

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