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Blood results,

Hi as some people are aware, I had a score of 12.4 on a fibroscan about 4 weeks ago. Interestingly I have come across some blood test results from 05/01/16 basically 4 days after I stopped drinking. I'm wondering if any of you guys, based on your experience,can see any substantial differences that would point to liver disease.

All in umol/L

Sodium 139

Potassium 4

Urea 5.9

Creatine 78

Serum total bilirubin 9

All in iu/L

Alt 67

Serum amylase 60

In G/L

Total protein 67

Albumin 47.

When the pain first started,(06/12/15) tests were done immediately after and some added extras are that the GGT was 124.

Help much appreciated

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Your ALT and GGT are high which means your Liver was inflamed. An inflamed Liver can cause a higher than normal Fibroscan. So there is every chance your 12.4 was a over estimate.

But your were on the edge of serious problems down the road. Keep it clean and remember that the Liver takes years to fully recover. But based on your latest scan you wont be needing a Liver transplant any time soon. Remember the fear and just dont drink again and you should live a normal and healthy life.


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hi, I agree with ralph2014....wont comment on the bloods other than GGT which does indicate inflammation and consistent with alchohol. If you look at posts by Tammyscholey who had similar fibro results but brought them down with "clean living" Suggest you treat this as a wakeup call and make the appropriate adjustments to your lifestyle. If you do you should start seing improvements in 6-10 weeks



Cheers for the advice guys I knew I had a previous thread regarding scan results but thought you would be able to share your thoughts on seeing some blood results. It looks like I caught the liver situation just in time before things got to a stage where I would be at the point of no return, so I only have myself to blame now if things go wrong but have been doing well so far 9 weeks with just 1 pint I'm doing ok.

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no worries mate-I'm not best placed to comment on blood tests-there are a few others here who are considerably better informed. fyi my liver tests were all normal aprt from GGT which when fist tested was 183-went up to 212 after 2 months of abstinence but this was due to dieting I think and then went down to 167. Later tested at 250 because I fell off the wagon. The lesson is clear...

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I mean to me what I see 124 isn't a massive crisis compared to what I have read. But I think it's more a stern warning I have been given to clean up my act and stick to the guidelines, which is what I will have to do. I had a good go and now it's time to calm down and relax! Doctors won't diagnose me because there is simply not enough evidence in the bloods to prove it is 100% alcohol related. I think my alpha 1 deficiency certainly has played a part in all of this.


yes i would agree with that GGT is a very volatile figure anyway




Had a consultation again with my liver specialist. He said that there is no way the pain in my right side is to do with my liver. He went into the thorough points about the blood tests and suggested that my liver is working very very well with a latest albumin blood test of 51. I am now being referred for an MRI scan on my spine as he believes it is a nerve issue. Also on another point, I went to see a kinologist on Thursday, basically a nutritionist and was told that food poisoning I got in October 2012, the bacteria has not been flushed out because it can sit in your system for years, therefore the bacteria is attacking the weakest organ (liver) and feeding off its weakness and sugar to manifest and cause me digestion issues, for 7 months prior to the pain "moving" to the liver area, I had it dotting about my chest area. Kinologist said that this is when Bacteria is looking for somewhere to locate itself and that my heavy binge made the liver weak and have the bacteria somewhere to manifest. Very interesting to see what happens in the next 6 weeks as I'm now taking herbal remedies to flush out all of the bacteria in my system. 2 different opinions which I am keeping to myself to try them both at once. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone is the saying I think. Let's see what happens. RE ALT, specialist insisted it is natural in some people to have a regular ALT between 40-60. Very interesting indeed


Thanks for the update and glad the docs are ongoing in investigating the source of your continuing pain. Good luck with cleaning out your gut/digestive system, sounds sensible to me. If you are taking any pharma meds you might want to check for any contraindications with herbal remedies. Just because something is herbal (or "natural") doesn't make it automatically safe. Also if you are under investigations via GP or specialist and having bloods done let them know what alternative meds you are taking as they can skew the results and leave your conventional medicine doctors baffled!

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Just had new bloods done today, all normal

ALT 36

GGT 36.

Doctor says that because I was F2/3 on a fibroscan, this means that I may have small scaring for life so it's up to me to cut out the alcohol to stop it getting worse. Delighted with the blood test results.

Although I do think that him telling me to stop drinking for good is a bit harsh.

Opinions please?


nice results-looks like the inflammation has gone. If you do start drinking alcohol again-make sure you're well within the new govt limts which are 14 units a week-to be sure halve that. also no bingeing

good luck


You know mine on drinking (or not drinking) already B-RC. So i wont re-iterate them but will let others post their opinions!


You've been given advice to cut out booze, bearing in mind you have had a warning and a scare I would be very much tempted to heed the advice and do as suggested otherwise you could well find that in future you do indeed suffer some damage or more damage because they've said you have some scarring already evident.

Give your liver the best chance possible and follow doctors advice would be my opinion ............... why risk it?

As the wife of a lovely guy suffering with cirrhosis having been life long tee-total and having the misfortune to have developed an auto-immune condition IF he had been given the option of doing something to prevent his liver condition he'd have grabbed it with both hands but unfortunately there was nothing/is nothing he can do to prevent his condition from becoming any worse - you DO have that option as far as alcohol is concerned but in your case i'd also be concerned about the alpha 1 deficiency & if you do chose to continue drinking what addtional stress are you potentially putting your liver under.

Just my opinion as you have asked for folks opinions - up to you but there are folks on here who's doctors have adviced reducing to guideline limits and then gone on to suffer full on liver failure. Weigh up the pros and cons.



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