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Liver function test result.

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Had a liver function blood test recently and there were some abnormal readings. Would appreciate some advice on this..

Serum total bilirubin level 5umol/L 0-21

Serum total protein 66g/L* 68-87

Serum albumin 47g/L 35-52

Serum globulin 19g/L. 18-36

Serum alkaline phosphatase. 93u/L. 35-104

Serum ALT level. 57u/L* 0-33

Serum gamma GT level 67u/L 5-36

AST serum level 36iu/L. 5-38

FIB-4 (Fibrosis-4) index 0-78

The comment on my files says manage in primary care. Can anyone advice me on these results?

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Hi Lydia. I'm sorry but the liver trust doesn't allow anyone on this forum to give opinions or analyse test results. You need to speak to your doctor or specialist to explain the results to you as no one here is medically qualified to do so.

We merely offer support and share experiences.

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Lydia1960 in reply to Hidden

Sorry. I didn’t realise this. The surgery’s closed now. I’ll check with them tomorrow...

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ja1nsa in reply to Lydia1960

Primary care services provide the first point of contact in the healthcare system, acting as the ‘front door’ of the NHS. Primary care includes general practice, community pharmacy, dental, and optometry (eye health) services. In other words, do not panic (as I know your readings, though on the high side are not need to worry). Contact your GP to discuss.

Thanks ja1nsa. I’ll ring them tomorrow for an appointment. Was getting a bit panicky about it but your words have calmed my nerves somewhat..

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your labs look fine, your ALT /GT is a little raised but not a lot. If you had alcohol in the weeks before doing the GT test it will be raised also the ALT. If alcohol is the reason, then stop drinking completely and eat clean, limit your salt and retake in about 3 months. GT test is specific to the liver, therefore, it is used as a marker to determine if someone is still using alcohol. There are other things that can raise your GTand Alt such as diabetes/arthritis and being overweight.

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Lydia1960 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply sophia1980,

it's definitely not alcohol as I'm not much of a drinker. So can't be that. Spoke to my doctor and she seems to think it could be to do with my weight, as you so rightly suggest.

She has made an appointment for me next week to go see her and suggested a couple more blood tests were needed over a few weeks. This should indicate what is happening with my liver..

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briccolone in reply to Lydia1960

Hi nope don’t panic but look at your diet and exercise

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Lydia1960 in reply to briccolone

Yes. Very good advice, briccolone. I do need to increase my exercise and eat more nutritional meals. So, you’re right. Keeping an eye on both of these factors will probably help..

Hi Lydia, basically they are happy for your GP to manage you. So that's a good thing.

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Lydia1960 in reply to Kristian

Hi Kristian,

I did mention to my doctor that I do take quite a lot of supplements. That didn't strike her as being the reason behind these results.

when I get the next couple of test results they should give a better idea of why they were showing abnormal results.

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Kristian in reply to Lydia1960

If they stay abnormal you want to be getting to the bottom of it. This can be done by your GP so there's no issue there. If they start to significantly deteriorate or you start showing other symptoms then they may choose to re-refer you at that stage.

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Lydia1960 in reply to Kristian

Yes. Once I have seen the doctor she will have a better idea of what might be going wrong. She’s going to check my weight, so will probably suggest that losing some pounds would be a good start.. she seems to be thinking that is the reason for these results being abnormal..

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