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Im writing to get some information and reassurance, because I'm a bit scared.

2 weeks ago I got my blood test results from the GP. It says that my ALT is elevated.

ALT = 63 iu/L (normal 0-33)

Other liver tests are within normal range:

Total protein = 72 g/L (66-87)

Albumin = 48 g/L (35-50)

Total bilirubin 6 umol/L (0 - 21)

Serum alkaline phosphatase 71 iu/L (35-129)

I don't have diabetes, my cholesterol is fine, as well as my complete blood count, kidney tests, ferritin, ESR tests. I do have thyroid antibodies elevated which indicate autoimmune thyroid condition (Hashimoto), but my thyroid still works fine and thyroid hormones withon normal range.

As far as I understand my GP is not terribly concerned, but she referred me for the following tests: autoantibodies liver profile, gamma globulins GGT, ALT, ferritin, Hep B, Hep C

I have two small children (3 years and 14 months). I dont know if I had my liver tests done during pregnancies, but my last reading according GP records for ALT is 27 iu/L

Is AIH a possibility? Im sure its not hep B cause I was tested during pregnancy. And I didnt really have any chances to get Hep C.

I'm concerned and scared, because I never had any abnormal tests. I just turned 30 and it seems like I slowly losing control over my health.

Thank you in advance for help

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Hello 😘😘 what a lot to deal with especially with two young children xxxxx

I haven't been in practice for 2 years (RN) but your bloods look ok - there can be many reasons for a rise in ALT and it is not that high 😘😘 for example- my hubby who is a 18 months after transplant his is over 200 - and they aren't worried - your GP is doing the right thing by basically ruling out everything - ordering all the extra tests to make sure 'nothing' is going on ❀️❀️ it may come back with something else ?? But to me it doesn't look like anything awful is going on regarding liver etc - sometimes it takes the body a while to get back to normal after pregnancy - try not to worry 😘😘😘😘 you didn't mention any symptoms or why you are concerned ??? Whilst pregnant did they take bloods ?? Were these all ok ?? If thyroid is ok at the moment and you do not need meds then try and relax and enjoy your lovely babies 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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Hi, thanks for the reply and reassurance

Do you think vitamins I take could affect my ALT levels? B12, Zinc, D3, Magnesium, C? Could few tablets of ibuprofen elevate my ALT? I had a cold at the time of the test as well

I don't have any symptoms liver wise

I asked to be tested for thyroid problems as it runs in my family (autoimmune and my sister survived thyroid cancer)

Hope your husband will get better and better xx

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Short answer - some vitamins can.

Ibuprofen definitely can

All these things are processed by the liver.

However there are also other sources of ALT which have nothing to do with the liver.

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I wouldn't worry too much , it's good news that everything else is in normal range and its very good that your GP is keeping an eye on things , different labs have different normal values , normal range for alt at my lab is 2-50 so based on that 63 is not too bad , I have AIH , my alt was over 2000. Certain medications can cause the alt to rise as can some supplements , let us know how you get on :)


Hi - not a criticism of your reply at all but more fyi - you do have to be careful of using liver test with different normal ranges interchangeably.

Whilst 63 isn't a particularly high number whatever the normal range, 2x normal is very different clinically from normal +20%. The 63 would therefore be more like 98 or so on your tests - which might make you think twice :)



Righto Mr x, I'll leave it to you next time!


Not quite what I had in mind. I thought yours was a good and helpful reply but that you'd be interested in that small detail.

The very last thing I want to do is to put you off contributing. I learn a lot from everyones replies.



I see i'm not the only one being corrected

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You weren't being corrected. You were being disagreed with.

Now you're being corrected. :)


In brief (a change for me :))

Your blood results apart from the ALT look really good.

The rise in ALT is not all that high - and there can be many reasons for it.

Your doctor is doing the right thing by checking and hopefully eliminating possibilities.

Even if you do have AIH, the treatment for AIH is very effective and if the level of damage to the liver is not at the level of full cirrhosis the liver can recover.

So even if AIH it's very manageable. That said, it could just as easily be a blip or something unrelated to the liver entirely.

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Thanks a lot for reply

I'll try to stay calm and wait for the test...its hard to wait though, my GP said I need to wait 1 month because he wants to see a difference in ALT values

I wonder if I could have an SMA test privately to put my mind at ease. We can't really afford private treatments but I don't know if I can wait one month with thinking about whats wrong with my liver

I must admit I'm a bit anxious



An interim test won't help much, whatever the cause of the rise in ALT it could take a few weeks to resolve if it's going to drop - I was actually going to say in my earlier post that you really want to see tests over a period as snapshots of what is a very dynamic system can be misleading.

If it's any consolation, the other results indicate strong liver function. There is a difference between inflammation of the liver and actual damage to the liver - and right now you have no evidence there's any damage.

I have AIH which was diagnosed late. My initial results were a good deal worse than yours. From what I know now if I'd presented with your results I'd be quite optimistic that the liver was doing well and that even if I had AIH the treatment would be effective.

So do keep your chin up. I know it will bug you until you know definitively but you have good reasons to be optimistic.

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