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Help with test results please

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Hello everyone

I’ve just joined this forum for some advice. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and have recently had a baby. I have been feeling awful which I’ve put down to thyroid. I’ve had the following symptoms:

Hair loss, IBS type symptoms, knee pain, carpal tunnel, anxiety, heart palpitations, hot flushes, pain in my thyroid area.

I’ve recently had a full blood count done and an autoimmune profile and I’ve got these strange results:

ANA antibodies - weakly positive 1:320 fine speckled

Anti Smooth Muscle Antibodies - weakly positive

My liver results are:

Serum ALT - 15 (0-49)

Total alkaline phosphatase - 51 (30-130)

Serum total bilirubin - 17 (0-21)

Albumin - 45 (35-50)

I’m no medic but my liver levels look ok. I’m terrified about the elevated antibodies though. Previously ov r the past few years I’ve had elevated ANA which has always been put down to the Hashimotos but now the ASMA is elevated too. Am I heading towards Autoimmune Hepatitis?

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Hi paolatello

Sorry to hear your unwell,this forum is for members to talk about many things and especially there worries and anxieties regards there conditions but nobody is medically trained to give advice regards test results or to diagnose possible conditions by reading your post you really should be going to your consultants or GP for an explanation regards your health as we are all different and results can vary from person to person ie what result is high for one could be normal for another.

So hope you get some good news soon



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Faithfull in reply to 1football

As I've been on here still like a looney I totally understand in depth .your so right everyone different ,cut a long story as u probaly no by now as in panic any answer I have exterme no education but I'm so GRATEFULL to you as I'm eduction me self as well as the dr. And I read on here join the dots and just that help me and the one that said educate yourself as much as I thought they ain't putting 2and2 together ,help me now !just I learnt more and weather I'm reading into things that ain't there but I kept on and on at dr I already new the outcome but you all help me with being threre believing in me .

me without a DOUGHT as one th

Your symptoms are definitely related to your thyroid disease and ANA can also be raised in thyroid disease. Are you on Levo and the correct dose ? with your list of symptoms you possibly need a meds review, if you post your thyroid results on ThyroidUK forum we can advise.

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Paolatello in reply to bantam12

Thank you. My main concern is my elevated Anti Smooth Muscle Antibodies as I’ve read they’re a sign of autoimmune hepatitis. I am currently not medicated for my Hashimotos because the doctors say I’m euthyroid. My most recent results are:

TSH 0.73 (0.35-5.0)

Free T4 - 14 (9-24)

Free T3 - 5 (3.5-6.5)

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bantam12 in reply to Paolatello

Difficult with those results as they are pretty good although your T4 is on the low side but T3 fairly good, your thyroid is obviously under attack as you have symptoms but until results shift then unlikely you will get treatment.

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Paolatello in reply to bantam12

It’s so annoying having to wait but what are your thoughts on the smooth muscle antibodies being weakly positive?

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bantam12 in reply to Paolatello

If it were me I wouldn't worry over a weak positive, as Isabelle2 says thyroid problems can throw all sorts of results out. I've had elevated liver results for over 10 years and after every test possible nothing found but I'm also hypothyroid so my Gastro/Hep doc is not concerned about anything liver related going on.

Obviously you need to keep an eye on levels and get an expert opinion just to be sure.

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Paolatello in reply to bantam12

Thanks! I hope it’s just one of those funny thyroid related results!


I too have Hashimoto and know what it’s like when you have vague symptoms, is it the thyroid or not? It is true that Hashimoto is a major cause of AIH, although I believe AIH is not that common a cause of liver problems.

When I had my kids my thyroid was all over the place and each time it took a while for it to settle. I had a transplant a yr ago( not for AIH) and again my thyroid readings still aren’t right.

I know that having a kid can also throw up symptoms, your hormones are all over the place generally which could explain the hot flushes/ palpitations. Anxiety might also be related. I gave up the pill and used other contraceptive methods because I couldn’t cope with Levo plus the pill - too many hormones !

I wouldn’t be too bothered but I would try to see your endocrinologist just so s/he can look your results over and more importantly look you over too.

Try not to worry but get checked out to be safe.

Isabelle x

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Paolatello in reply to Isabelle2

Thank you! I hope you’re right. Everyone keeps saying my thyroid is fine but I know it’s not. I get terrible pain in my neck and also have a 3cm module which has been biopsied clear. It’s very obvious when I swallow. When I was diagnosed with Hashimotos my TPO antibodies were over 1500

The antibody being raised alone is not enough to confirm AIH. Looking at the notes from the last AIH meeting, you don't have anything else in your results (that you have stated) that would even suggest AIH. I think you have to trust what the others are saying about the Hashimoto's and wait for the doctor to explain what is going on with the results you are getting (especially since I am not a doctor, but I do have AIH). Good luck :)

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Paolatello in reply to

That’s very reassuring, thank you!

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