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Blood results

Does anyone know about bloods my husband are

Serum albumin 31

 Serum total protein 73

Serum globulin. 42

Serum alkaline phosp 93

Serum total bilirubin 26

Serum alt 12 

and HB 122

Are they low  he is feeling really rubbish this morning but he did have 11 litres drain on Friday and he fell on Thursday so that is not helping he was on the bathroom floor until I could get help.

He is too old for a liver transplant 

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Dear Phoenixv

I am not sure i am qualified to answer that, but as a patient of Budd Chiari Syndrome, and having had countless liver function tests and all sorts over the last seven years. I can dig up my own reports nad look up the values you post. Best scenario would be to request a GP appointment where you and your husband can ask the GP to ditchthe medical jargon and tell you in plainspeak, what you can do to improve his condition. 


These are some of the usual 'normal range' of counts for these specific tests:

Albumin                            35-50 g/L g/L 

Protein                              60-80 g/L

Alkaline Phosphates       25-120 iU/L

Alt                                      0-54 iU/L

Haemoglobin or HB        11.5 - 16.5 g/dl

Sorry but I only found ranges for these tests as I had these in my file. The best bet is do a quick internet search, and go to the GP to talk through your findings and worries... Hope this helps..


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Some of them are very slightly out of range according to my lab results, i e bilirubin is 5 units above normal. But without knowing anything about his history and looking at these in isolation no doctor would worry.  However something is clearly not right if he is needing ascites draining.


Thankyou very much for the replys I suppose I am looking for a little hope I don't know how long my husband has fed up with the negatives 


"but he did have 11 litres drain on Friday" It seems from this statement that he has confirmed Cirrhosis?  His ALT at 12 is pretty low.  The Albumin is low (not good) and the bilirubin high(not good).  These numbers are consistent with a de compensated Liver.  The ALT usually means no inflammation of the Liver,  but it could also mean that its too badly damaged to produce enzymes.


It seems he might have Nash cirrhosis and reflectary ascites he has never been right since he had a heart valve replacement his liver was fine then and with having diabetics it does not help I am failing to get the weight back on him down hill at the moment thanks for the replys .


Did he get an albumin replacement at the time of the ascitic drain?


Yes every time after 2000 litres they hook a bottle up . 


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