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Blood results high ggt and serum alt



I'm wondering if anybody can give me some advice?

For 2 years ive been getting pain in my right side that is so intense it makes me sick and on occasion i get diarrhea. Ive had an ultrasound which showed a small polyp in my gall bladder so no concern, i also had a colonoscopy which showed a polyp and was biopsied and came back fine. In December last year i was admitted to hospital when the pain was so bad i couldnt bear it, i had a CT scan and had my appendix removed, hoping this was the end of my troubles i was discharged from the hospital.

The CT scan showed i was, and this is the term the doc used, 'holding too much poo in your caecum' was given Laxido and have to take daily to keep me flowing.

Anyway the pain came back, the episodes last usually between 1-8 hrs i get nausea, sweats and vomiting, the last episode was last week and lasted 12 hours so i went to doctors who suggested a kidney infection, gave me antibiotics and took a urine test, the test was clear. He then sent me for my bloods doing, i got the results today which are as follows:

Serum Gamma GT: 215

Liver function test:

Serum total bilirubin level: 9

Serum ALT level: 161

Total alkaline phosphates: 93

Serum albumin: 44

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD: 81

I have other symptoms too which are fatigue, dizziness/lightheaded, itchy legs, feel like something is stuck in my right side and a slight ankle swelling. I dont drink a great deal more at the weekend if we go for a meal or out with friends but i have noticed that the episodes come 1/2 days after ive had an over indulgence.

Any advice would be great as its driving me crazy! Im 39 and this thing is taking over my life :s

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From those numbers it appears your Liver is showing signs of inflammation and your kidneys are not working at 100% the rating is 81% compared to a normal healthy person.

Your Liver inflammation could be a slight blockage/sluggishness caused by the gall bladder, it may be time to have it removed. Try not to panic about your Liver just yet, they would have had a good look at it when they opened you up before, they would have noticed a scarred and failing Liver.

Also if the Liver is starting to struggle it has a knock on affect to the kidneys as far as I understand it.

You dizzyness etc is likely to be your Liver and Kidneys not at 100% normal operation.

csj-336 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, i knew it wasnt quite right but the nurse dismissed it and said oh its probably because you had a wine at weekend.

I made an appointment to see the doc anyway, i need fixing! :)

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it wouldnt be the wine unless you drank a bath full of it!

clearly you need attention, an inflamed Liver is very bad long term. you need to get the inflammation stopped, it is the enemy of the Liver and leads to scarring of it.

hopefully you will some easy answers soon xx

Sounds like gall bladder to me - talk to your consultant - and try not to worry

If it's any consolation, I have gallstones, thinking back they do give the occasional pain which I'd not really thought about. If the gallbladder has stones that will throw the LFT readings off. Mine were. For years! I was told I'd damaged my liver and was probably an alcoholic. This was from a piss poor doctor who then went and reported me to the aviation authority who removed my licence without any checks. Subsequently it turns out for years I've had a number of large gallstones. Liver has recently had every test under the sun and is perfectly clear. Even tho I did have mild fatty liver years ago. You need to get a decent ultrasound done of the gallbladder and have it removed if it's causing issues . The symptoms you mention are all typical gallbladder related. For the next 4-6 weeks try a diet with very low fat, no alcohol, and avoid any sucrose if at all possible. No honey. See if eating clean helps with the pain etc. I bet it does. You didn't mention how much you drink or if you are over/underweight. A private gallbladder removal by keyhole will cost approx 5.5k excluding consultant fees. :(

csj-336 in reply to CaptM

Thank you,

I don't drink a great deal, probably a bottle of wine a week or if we have plans a bit more, the last time I had the pain is been on a hen party so did have a few more than usual!

I'm about a stone over weight which I'm trying to lose.

Wow! Maybe start putting the lottery on ;)

Have you been checked for other liver conditions which cause elevated GGT, ALT? I had the impression there were a lot of other things about that could/should be checked. I would phone the The British Liver Trust (link at the top of this page) and talk to one of their advisors. And I would definitely go back to the GP and ask for more tests/investigations. It may be nothing, but it needs to be checked, and maybe - if you can - try to avoid the over-indulgence until you know what's what.

Take care.

Hi, did they ever get to the bottom of your pain? It sounds to me like you might have PBC, have you seen a Gastro Consultant?

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