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Tips for Liver Care

Tips for Liver Care

Your liver is indubitably one of the most integral organs, constituting the natural detoxification system of your body. While you may spend hours clearing your home of clutter, it is even more essential to cleanse your body and protect its detoxification system. Some of the best liver transplant center doctors in India and abroad suggest nipping the problem in the bud by doing away with a sedentary lifestyle and avoiding the chance of incurring huge after liver transplantation bills. Here are some ways in which you can show your love for your liver.

Maintain Healthy Diet, Limit Fat Intake

Obesity, due to unhealthy diet and intake of fat, is on the rise in India as also other parts of the world. Obesity and excessive weight leads to Fatty Liver issues, caused by insulin resistance and high levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood. To keep these levels low, doctors at liver treatment centers advise maintaining a healthy diet, low in fat, high in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibre. Leafy vegetables like spinach, brassica vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli, and high fiber foods such as apples, pears and oats in your daily diet can help in maintaining a healthy liver. Other liver boosting foods include licorice, turmeric, cinnamon and organic foods that are without pesticides, growth hormones, fertilizers and other toxic substances.

Be a Moderate Drinker

It is better to be safe than be sorry. Alcohol intake affects the liver in a detrimental fashion. It is advisable to be a sensible drinker, if not a non-drinker. Women are no less prone to alcoholic liver disease than men, with daily intake of as little as 20 grams of alcohol posing a threat to their bodies. If you already suffer from liver issues, even that small amount can be detrimental.

Be Cautious about Medications

It is best to avoid taking medicines unnecessarily without asking your physician. Improper doses of medicines such as Tylenol containing drug acetaminophen are dangerous for the liver, overdoses of which can lead to acute failure of the organ.

Using Natural Products

Attenuate the stress inflicted on your already burdened liver by using natural house cleaning and personal care products, avoiding use of pesticides around the house and drinking water free of any contaminants.

Be Safe

Shield yourself as much as possible by getting vaccinated against such viral liver diseases like Hepatitis A and B. Avoid sexually transmitted Hepatitis B disease by practicing safe sex.

Finally, liver cancer doctors suggest quitting smoking completely as smoking triggers adverse effects of medications like Paracetamol often leading to liver cancer. Keep a tab on your cholesterol, fat and glucose levels by undergoing intermittent blood tests.


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