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I did a silliness - virtual race medal

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So I did a silly thing yesterday. I was looking around at the virtual races online in which you can earn medals for running for example 5K, 10K, or whatever. I find most of them too expensive, I mean, I'm just having fun. Not planning on buying medals every week either, I just wanted 1 to gift myself for fun. And then I came on this Dutch site with reasonably priced medals and I saw thé medal I really have to have: a snail-medal! I call myself a snaily when running, because I run rather slow (kinda Slow Jogging). So I ordered it!

I do have to register an activity first before they send it to me and I have planned to gift myself the medal when I reach 60 minutes of running. The most I have run at this moment is 40 minutes and I am now following a plan to run 30 minutes during weekdays (keeping always 1 day rest between 2 runs) and lengthen the time in my weekend run every 2 weeks. If all goes well, I would reach the 60 minute mark in the weekend of 27th of March. This is still nearly 2 full months before I can claim the medal, but now I can look forward to it.

Call me an idiot for doing this, but I thought to do something fun with my running. This will probably be the only medal I gift myself though, no worries. I just couldn't pass up this one. Snaily medal, here I come!

Cheers, Evy

20 Replies
HeavyFoot profile image

I’m getting slowly jealous!!

Catwise profile image

That’s awesome! Having a goal to work towards is such a huge motivator for me too! I love sitting down and making spreadsheets of my plan and my progress, crossing stuff off as I complete things. But a gift at the end....perfect!

Grannyhugs profile image

What a fantastic medal to gift yourself, I love it. Enjoy your journey to 60mins. Happy running 🤗

Doris8 profile image

That’s cool! Gives you an incentive knowing you’ve got something at the end of your running. Keep it up 😀

Week7 profile image

That's a brilliant idea- wish I'd thought of it when I ran my first hour non stop!- although I did tell everyone I possibly think of about my achievement so perhaps flashing a medal too would have been overegging it a bit...Don't forget the selfie on presention day!

Curlygurly2 profile image

I really like virtual races too, and this one would suit me too, I'm also a snail! Enjoy your progress, and your medal when it arrives.

Lizcanrun profile image

I LOVE this! What's the website called?

in reply to Lizcanrun

The site is called VirtueelNL and thanks, I love it too. Can hardly wait to get it, but alass I promisd myself I would only get it when reaching 60 minutes and that is only in 2 months...

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LizcanrunGraduate10 in reply to

Delayed gratification works wonders!

CBDB profile image

Ooohhh 🤩🤩🤩 this looks like a great medal. I’d sign up if I hadn’t signed up already for other medals. Nice! We should all aspire to running slow! 🐌👍🏽

WillowandSola profile image

How lovely, I’m looking forward to seeing you get there and claim your medal

Sandraj39 profile image

Nothing silly about finding an incentive! There are some great virtual challenges and medals out there🏅 - and in the absence of real events, what else have we got?! 🤷🏼‍♀️😀I have really enjoyed working towards virtual challenges over the last year - enjoy yours when it arrives!🐌🏅🙂

Oh what a super idea. And it’s a smashing looking medal.! Enjoy your 60minutes and gifting yourself a medal is the icing on the cake!🍰🐌I think you’ve started a trend now. I’m certainly going to have a 👀 at this site. Enjoy!

Runningroni profile image

Old Floss would like that medal. I think it's great to have a reward at the end of a challenge. Good luck, you will be at 60 mins soon.🐌

Frenc profile image

I love it! That is brilliant, and good fun, and definitely something to look forward to. Please send a photo of you wearing your snaily medal with pride when you get it! 🐌 🏅🐌🏅🐌🏅.

in reply to Frenc

I will, it will still take 2 months to reach 60 minutes and then about 2 weeks to get the medal though. So don't hold your breath!!

Frenc profile image
FrencGraduate10 in reply to

I’m very patient! 😀👍

PandaCory profile image

I'm proud to be a snail. And I like the look of that medal! 🐌🏃🏻‍♀️🏅

in reply to PandaCory

Me too x 2 😝

FabAndFit40 profile image

This is so cute! I am a plodder so this would be perfect for me too!

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