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First run for two weeks!!

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I last ran on Jan 16th and have struggled with motivation, lack of sleep, breathing issues .... This morning I could not stand it any longer and dragged myself out of bed and into my running gear and out the door before I could change my mind.

It didn’t seem too cold and was dry when I first set off. I was doing my brisk walk to warm up and thinking to myself “ I wonder if we will have snow as forecast...”. And then it started gently mizzling...... and continued for the rest of my run. Well I say run...... there was a fair bit of walking involved..... mainly running though.

Ive been struggling with my breathing a bit lately and had a review of my asthma plan last week but there was no problem with my breathing this morning just really really heavy tired legs. No idea why as I’ve been upping my water consumption lately ( in an unsuccessful thus far bid to lose weight) but it was like dragging two dead tree trunks round with me.

So no speed records or PBs this morning but I did manage to drag myself round 5k which I was pleased with. Still haven’t managed to shake off the banging headache that I woke up with unfortunately. Let’s hope the next run is a bit easier on my legs 🤞

And I did stop to say hi to the emus on my walk back home

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Well done on your 5k.I had a heavy leg 5k run yesterday, but no emus just dogs and people to dodge! Hope the running gives you better night tonight and your next run feels more comfortable. Stay safe.

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limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Week7

Thanks -you too

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Emus? Didn't expect that! 🤣🤣🤣 Another 5k done even if not one of your best. Good to get a bad one out of the way- the next one will be a corker!!

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limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Fionamags

Oh I hope so!! This winter has been a struggle - well most of the last year was. Ive still not got my fitness back since the virus at end of 2018/ beg 2019. Makes me wonder if it was THE virus!!

The emus live about 1/4 mile from my house and are a favourite port of call on walks

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Well done LL, I’m so glad you got out. That’s fantastic. 😀 Hopefully you’ll find the next run easier. Love the emus by the way!

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Oh well done!! That 5k of yours is well won in my opinion as you went out when you weren't really feeling it. A definite star limberlou ⭐. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your next run a little more. The emus look interesting...... I'm not sure I'd feel brave enough to stop for a chat with them 🙂, but the one at the front of your photo looks like it was enjoying having a natter with you.

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limberlouGraduate10 in reply to Delly-dot

The emus are used to kids coming to see them. They have a couple of turkeys to keep them company too.

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Good for you to get up and out. Motivation is hard to find for many people right now, but I'm sure you feel better now that it's done. Keep up the regular habit , even if the distance is less. Legs probably got a shock , but they will get stronger. Good luck.

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The battle of the head vs body is ongoing and today you won! Well done for getting out there. That’s another 5K in the run bank 👍🏼

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limberlouGraduate10 in reply to acountrycabbage

Yup, nice long walk and a workout today then run again tomorrow. Need to get back into my routine again

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acountrycabbage60minGraduate in reply to limberlou

Ditto..! My headspace is so much better when I’m regularly running.

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limberlouGraduate10 in reply to acountrycabbage

First lockdown I was running alternate days, built up to 10k again, an hour of Pilates every day, long walk on non run days, gardening, decorating, tidying...... then I ran out of steam around July....

And not seemed to be able to get back into the swing of things again.

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acountrycabbage60minGraduate in reply to limberlou

That’s busy indeed! Ah well, a breather can be good for us all. Good luck getting back into your groove 🙂

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