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Run for Ben


After 14 years by our side, today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Ben. We knew it was coming and are so happy that we managed to have one last summer in France with him. I was able to hold him as he slipped away, but it is so unbelievably painful and we will miss him so so much. Afterwards I needed to run so went for a 5k round his favourite walk with him beside me in spirit. This run was for you our beautiful boy. RIP 💔💔

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Sending big hugs to you 🤗. You were blessed to have all those years filled with doggy love and he was blessed with a family and a fabulous doggy life... thinking of you lots....


Oh Sandie, so sorry to read this, I know how hard it is to have to say goodbye.

I'm sure he was much loved and that it was reciprocal.

Focus on the good memories and laugh about his silly antics

big hugs


Am sooo sorry for your loss. RIP Ben. I can feel your pain. It is just heartbreaking.

I started C25K back in June when we lost our little pupster Alfie. He was only 4 but such a naughty loving little fella and I miss him every day. I think that is what keeps me going out for each run, that Alf's coming with me, it's our time :-)

Happy running with Ben!


Oh Sandie1961, really sorry to read this. It's so hard saying goodbye, though at least the last thing he would have known was being cuddled by you. And yes, I'm sure he was there with you on your run, and will be for many more. Sending hugs xx


Big hugs from me and Molly Sandie. You clearly gave him a wonderful life with lots of exciting experiences and fascinating new smells on your travels, and you will have lots of lovely memories.


So very sorry to hear this. Even when you know it's coming and that you're doing the best by them, it's still the toughest decision. Big hugs to you and your family 💗

It's nearly 11 years since our Labrador passed away. I still miss him. We had lots of fun together. Big hugs. 🤗


Oh big hugs to you Sandie😘😘🤗

- our beloved pets give us so much pleasure, and it’s hard when we have to say goodbye. Your run sounds perfect - a lovely way to remember him. Xxx

PS What a gorgeous photo.

Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Elfe5

That was just this morning too. He was a gorgeous little chap 😍


Oh gosh x So special xxx


So sorry Sandie for the loss of you beloved dog. RIP Ben. 🤗🤗xx


Sounds like he was a good 'un Sandie and what a lovely photo too. 💕It's hard to say goodbye to a much loved pet - I hope your run helped in some small way. Take care and hold on to those memories.x


So sorry to hear your news. He will be in your hearts forever.


I hope you found comfort in your run and will continue to find happy memories as you revisit routes you have shared with him.


Ah, so sorry to hear that. I feel your pain. We had to say goodbye to our 16 year old Amber back in June. It was so hard. We had her as a puppy before our boys arrived and we adored her. Still can't bring myself to find a new doggie. They are part of the family and you fall in love with them and them with you.


Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to damienair

So sorry to hear that Damien. Ben was the first dog I’d had and I just can’t imagine going through this pain again x

damienairModerator in reply to Sandie1961

In time Sandie you will be ready. We will too. It will just take some time to come to terms with your loss. Amber was too old when I started running. She was a lovely Pomeranian and was a great walker and could run too, and would have loved parkrun. I would love to rescue a lovely cheeky little doggie, give him/her a loving home and introduce them to the magic of parkrun. But I’m not ready yet.



Sending hugs and healing thoughts, Ben will be with you in spirit on a lot of runs


We got to meet the lovely Ben in Southampton and are really sorry you had to say goodbye to him today. Big hugs from us both.

🤗 🤗


Lots of hugs to you, so lovely you had time in France this summer I have so missed my holiday there this year. Great to have that run under your belt with him with you in spirit, he’ll always be alongside you❤️


Sending you balm for your hurt heart Sandie. What a lovely photo 🥰


What a beautiful way to remember your walks together. It is always really sad when this happens. I held my Staffie as she was put to sleep a few years ago. What a super age and incredible life he had with you. Love and best wishes


A beautiful way to remember Ben xxx


So sad, and such a beautiful picture! You will remember those 14 wonderful years together on your runs and he will always be with you in spirit.

Sending a big virtual hug 🤗


So sorry to read this , it's always difficult to loose a beloved pet ! ☹️


Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Ben, I’m sure he was running alongside you in spirit today.

Oh Sandie

I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful boy. I know it hurts but I also know that you gave him a wonderful life

Take care xxx


😢😢so sad. X


Ben had the best life with you Sandie and you gave him the best send off today. It’s the final act of kindness we can give to our precious animals. ❤️ Know that he’s at peace, and you can treasure the years of happy memories you had together. 🐾❤️

Your run was just what you needed. Time for yourself to reflect.

RIP sweet Ben. 💔🐾💙


Oh I'm sorry. As a fellow dog owner I know how difficult this time is. So sorry. 😥


So sorry to hear that Sandie. Keep thinking of those lovely memories. I am glad he was able to be back in the UK.


thats so sad, so sorry to hear your news. I have 2 doggies who just can't run with me anymore now. They are 12 next month and I know 'that' day will also come for us and I dread it too.

They are such a big part of our lives aren't they. Take care and be kind to yourself for a while, and you will smile again at some point .


What a beautiful boy. Saying goodbye is very hard. It’s so sad 😢


So sad. Some further memorial runs to follow maybe?

🐱 Katnap 🐱

Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Katnap


Huge hugs to you Sandie, what a beautiful chap he was! I’m so glad you were able to go out for a run and remember the times he ran with you!


Sorry for your loss. It’s so sad when they go, they leave such a hole.

Thinking of you at such a sad time. ❤️


So sorry, thinking of you x


Oh bless him he looked a wonderful dog 🥰 RIP Ben 🐾


I'm so sorry for your loss. We had to have our lovely Tanya put to sleep unexpectedly in August due to cancer, and it was so awful. Some may say it's silly to mourn a dog, but they become part of your family. You gave him a lovely life I'm sure. Big hugs 🤗

Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to PandaCory

So sorry to hear about your dog. They are a massive part of our lives. We spent more time with him than any other living being and he kept us sane during lockdown.

Sending hugs x We lost one of ours in Feb and I was astounded by the pain. I still miss him daily but the pain lessens I promise. And running helps! Take care and be gentle to yourself x


Sorry to hear your sad news. Saying good bye to a 4 legged friend is hard, especially for the first time.

I lost my 2 Labs in the last year. Their ashes are scattered under a tree in the woods were I run. I always say good morning as I trot past.

Hold on to your memories.


So sorry to hear this, really hard to lose one of the family.


💔so sorry to hear this sad news🙁

It’s so hard to say goodbye but at least the end was peaceful and with you.

So sad to hear your news. I’ve been there too - they are part of your family and the pain of losing a beloved pet is so hard. Memories will help - be kind to yourself 🐾


I am so sorry for your loss. Ben was a beautiful boy, such a lovely picture. My heart goes out to you. I'm sure his spirit will always run by your side. 🤗

Ahhh what a beautiful boy, I have shed tears this morning for your Ben. We know the pain of losing a soul mate. Happy memories in time x

I'm so sorry for the loss of a loved member of your family. We lost our 16-year-old cat, Rubens, back in February and I know how much it hurts. Time does make it easier.

I know that he will have had a very happy life with you. Thinking of you. x


Oh bless, so sorry it is so sad to lose your faithful boy. Happy memories will stay with you forever 💕 xx


I know just how that feels I lost my Greyhound at the beginning of August so virtual hugs from me 🤗🤗

Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to dijep

So sorry. It is so hard isn’t it? xx

dijep60minGraduate in reply to Sandie1961

It's horrible but at least with a dog we are able to give them peaceful pain free end that's what I held on to. I started running partly because my dog was finding walking difficult and I was missing the exercise and being out in the countryside.

Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to dijep

That is true. And it was very peaceful

Sorry to hear your news and it is a very difficult time for everyone so thinking of you.


Oh, that's so sad, Sandie. He will be with you in spirit always and especially on your runs. x


So so sad. Brings back the pain of losing a beloved friend. take care X

So sorry - so hard to lose a loved person - human and non-human - love is all the same. Lovely picture of Ben. 🤗


So sad and sorry to read this Sandra. I’m sure you’re thankful that you had a glorious summer altogether in France with your handsome boy. Take some comfort that you held him at the end was of his wonderful life xxx


Ah, so sad. Hold onto those happy memories.

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