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I'm running in the rain, just running in the rain...


...and it actually was a glorious feeling!

I set off feeling a bit eccentric in short sleeves when everyone else was huddling under coats and umbrellas from the rain, and the warm up walk was more of a cool down. But once I got going I soon got to a comfortable temperature and there's something very satisfying about being not only self-propelled but self-heating too!

I'm still trying to find a nice lit route for dark evenings by trying different paths and seeing if they're lit before it's so dark that I have to rely on the streetlights. I did have one mishap where I managed to catch an unexpected fallen branch between my feet and nearly fell over, and I seem to have given myself a blister from a miniscule ruck in my sock, but overall I managed a decent pace and clocked up my 7th 5k. Home for a warm shower before stretching, now just need a warm drink and a snack to finish the day well.

But the thing that really struck me was the sense of being inducted into a strange fraternity of crazy runners - in a little over half an hour I came across no less than 7 people all out doing their own running in the rain!

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I love a run in the rain, so slightly envious 😝 it's true when they say you need to feel a bit cold to start with, you soon warm up. Good luck finding the well lit routes for the darker nights. I was in that position this time last year. I quite enjoyed running in the dark, made me feel invisible! Hope the blister heels quickly

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to Mum22boys

Yes, it was a good temperature when I got going, though I cut my cool down walk quite short as I didn't want to get cold once I slowed down. Glad you found a way to keep going over winter, I hope I can do it too.

Mum22boysGraduate10 in reply to Blackberrypie

I'm sure you will, just need to be resourceful 😉


Well done on another 5k 👍

It's really quite refreshing running in the rain isn't it 😁

I know what you mean though about everyone else huddled under their umbrellas 😂

I have not done any evening runs yet , perhaps I should give it a try 😬

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to Instructor57

Between work and childcare it's the only time I have for running - it has been lovely in the light summer evenings but already starting to get darker.


Running in the rain is amazing. It's my perfect weather to run in. Well done you. The sense of achievement after is brilliant. Great idea to scout routes for the darker evenings too. Keep doing what you're doing!

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

The external cooling system definitely helps! Though I think I need to think about waterproofing my feet.

Well that sounds great! I’ve only ran in the rain once so far. Not due to avoiding it. It just happens to have only rains once at the times I go running which is really early in the morning.

It’s actually quiet nice isn’t it, like you said, it cools you down. Even if I’m Soaked to the skin and have wet feet through your trainers and they are Squelching..

I throughly enjoyed it.

Hope your blisters not too painful 😄

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to JoHealth

I imagine that with winter approaching we'll all be running in the rain more. Blister is much better this morning thanks, hopefully will be runnable on tomorrow!


As a newbie and fair weather runner (and a summer person in general) I'm especially nervous about the shift to winter and whether I'm going to be able to continue running through the dark yukky days. I always assumed I'd be ok if I started running in the dry and then it started raining, but I would never actually go out deliberately in the rain. Remarkably, this has not been tested in the 6 months I've been running!

Your messages, and others' who also enjoy rain running, give me hope! Who knows I may even enjoy it....

For wintery wet runs I presume you need a waterproof of some description? And do you have different shoes?? Or just let them get wet and dry before the next run???

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to NetCadet

Definitely still a newbie here too (week 2 of consolidation for C25k). So far I have a high viz vest and am researching wicking socks. My next pair of shoes might be goretex. But I have to say I much prefer running in the rain to the heat!


Yes, I used to look at runners as if they were mad when they were out in bad weather, but totally get it now!

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to Roxdog

It's a different world...


Its the best isn't it? I was out this morning and its a wonderful feeling to be so close to the elements, getting back to nature etc. And I hope you sort your socks out, blisters aren't nice.

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

There's something quite primeval about it - woman against the elements!

ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Blackberrypie

Thats exactly it.... well put


Glad you enjoyed your rainy experience!! I also ran in the pouring rain this morning-my first really rainy run in 5 months of morning runs!! Just shows what strange weather we have had. I luckily have Goretex trail shoes. Got them in a sale recently as I knew I would be needing them once the weather got worse. I put a cap on so my hair didn’t look toooo frightful for the local wildlife or anyone passing - no jacket or anything as otherwise I might have resembled a boil in the bag chicken- and would have loved the run except my dog who came with me decided she didn’t much like running in heavy rain and howling wind, so she was literally dragged round the last k- good for strength training I suppose but my slowest 5k since May😂

BlackberrypieGraduate10 in reply to AlysP

I was tempted by goretex for my first pair of shoes but decided that I wouldn't need them much for summer and, if I was still running by the time winter came, I would treat myself to some proper goretex shoes. Sorry the dog wasn't happy!

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