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Running in the rain in France


Today was my last opportunity to run in France and I needed to do my Not-Parkrun, however I really was not in the mood. It was raining, (but that was actually a plus as it meant it would be cool). Then I saw that my Stratford running buddy had been out this morning so I dragged my self out of bed and got out there. Without Sandie here to run with I don’t drive to the lake but try and run nearer to home and tarmac was required as the Achilles is still being nursed. The big machines are picking the grapes so it is also wise to keep out of the vineyards. So off I went, I had a new playlist (thanks to Team Jelly Baby) and the rain was refreshing. The route is an out and back, with the majority of the ‘out’ up hill. I hate it. But I managed with just one short stop when I swallowed a fly and was nearly choking to death! Then I was running back and it was down hill. It was really nice! (Now those of you who know me will appreciate the impact of this statement as I am not really a fan of running). I started to stretch out my stride and found I was enjoying the feeling of travelling along the road. Perhaps, I thought, this is the ‘joy of running’ that everyone goes on about.

I got back to the village and took a photo of the church before diving into the house for a hot shower and some dry clothes. I checked my data and the run down the hill was as fast as it felt, I got a PB for my fastest mile and fastest km. Cool, I thought, now I just need to be able to run like that when the ground is flat!

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Brilliant effort on your last run in France, and new PBS to help you remember it fondly. Happy running 🤗


Whoop whoop- speedy shake-and-run. Well done you.

Have a good trip back - 14 days in quarantine will be over before you know it. 🏃‍♀️👏👏👏👏

Shake-and-runGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

It is all relative Dexy5 but for me it was speedy.


Is that in one of those hilltop walled villages? A bastide?

Shake-and-runGraduate10 in reply to nowster

we are not a Bastide but a ‘Villeneuve’ (new town). Still have some pretty buildings that are several hundred years old.


Woohoo, well done you 🥳👏🏻 A PB is a PB regardless of whether it is uphill or downhill. I will be doing my (not) parkrun tomorrow as today is our last day of quarantine (yay 😃😃😃😃😃) and hoping the wind dies down overnight. It’s blowing an absolute hooley here. Safe journey, enjoy La Rochelle and speak soon xx


Well done Shake-and-Run! A great way to round off your running summer in France! Have a good trip home - don’t forget to load up with lots of French goodies to see you through your quarantine!


Great that you could make the most out of the day.and congrats on your PBs

🐱 Katnap 🐱


Just fabulous and so envious! Huge well done on the PB too !!!


You've found your happy place...downhill running 😉, now if you can just find a love/hate relationship with the up, you've got it cracked 😊

I say love/hate coz I'm not sure any of us love running up hill, we just love the feeling of making it to the top 👍😅

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