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4K in the rain 🌧🌧🌧

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The hardest thing about running right now is deciding what to wear! It was raining this morning, but not heavily. It wasn’t particularly cold, but breezy. At 7 a.m it looked pretty dark outside!

So - decided on shorts and tee shirt. My jacket is waterproof and wind proof, but on a shorter run is often too warm and I have trouble taking it off if I’m running a bit faster.

Essential item of the day - sun visor! Do I care what I look like, going out for a run in the rain wearing a sun visor? Not a bit! πŸ˜€. I’ve just bought a pack of them in different colours and I’m thrilled! As well as keeping the sun out of my eyes, they keep the rain off my glasses!

So off I went in the rain wearing a nice blue sun visor. Once I started running I wasn’t cold. I ran round to the infamous Deadend Track, but the gates were closed. Annoying! I could shimmy round the side, but there are nettles there and with bare legs I didn’t want to get stung. I just carried on out of the village and turned back just over half way.

I was trying for negative splits this morning. If I can do it, it makes the whole run more comfortable, but it all hinges on my pace for the first km. This morning I managed to do it, so the rest of the run went pretty much according to plan!

My hair was wrecked in the rain, although it doesn’t look wet in the photo, but my glasses were nice and dry πŸ˜€

Home, banana and water, stretches and a lovely cop of coffee. Now porridge with maple syrup πŸ˜€


7:30, 7:28, 7:19, 7:19

32 Replies

The visor looks a great choice! I think I need one... *googles visors*

Well done on those splits too!!

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to C25Kvic

Thanks πŸ™ Negative splits just make the run so much easier. I hate the rain on my glasses! I tried leaving them at home, but that was OK if I was trail running on the riverbank near where I live, but not really safe if I’m running on the road and I can’t see properly. Found out by accident in a sudden shower that they keep my glasses dry πŸ‘


That sounds a good run. Looove the sun visor which seems perfect for the occasion. Porridge with maple syrup mmmm. All round lovely start to the day 😊

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Ping-pong

I love my 4K runs, it’s the perfect distance for me, as it takes about 30 minutes. I’m happy if I can do it in under 30 minutes, but although my pace has improved a lot, I don’t think I’m ever going to be speedy! πŸ˜€

Good run Jools

I wear a baseball cap

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Vinchie13

Thanks πŸ™. Baseball hats don’t stay on my big head πŸ˜‚


Good 4k Jools !

Love the visor πŸ˜πŸ‘

I have just come home for lunch and the weather is lovely now !

Typical πŸ˜‚

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Instructor57

Thanks, Ian πŸ‘

It’s pouring with rain here πŸ˜–! Miserable day.


This sounds like a great run! I'm always paranoid about going off too fast and not being able to finish that I seem to instinctively be a negative splits kinda person... definitely the way to go πŸ˜‰ what other colour visors have got? Looking forward to seeing some colour coordination πŸ˜‰

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Mum22boys

I enjoyed it! I usually do if I manage not to set off too fast. 7:30 is what I aim for, then I’m not worn out by the second km. and I can try for negative splits. Hat colours black, white, navy, light blue, beige and grey. There were other pack choices too of really bright colours πŸ˜€


I wear a visor on every run, firstly because I sweat a lot, secondly I mostly run early mornings and have the low sun to contend with and finally, as you say, when it rains it keeps the rain off glasses! Congratulations on your run too!!

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to johnt46

Exactly! Apart from the sweating; heavens, I wouldn’t dream of doing that, most unladylike πŸ˜‚


Hi Jools 😁 I agree on the what to wear conundrum and think your shorts/shirt combo was very sensible but still brave πŸ₯Ά πŸ‘ the sun visor looks good and does the job- what's not to like? I only need glasses for reading and so can't see my wristband while running but it buzzes at me every time I reach another k so I can live with that ! Well done on the negative splits- I've only just worked out what these are and am encouraged to give it a go next week πŸ€—πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Littleoyellow

I did go out into the garden first to test the temperature πŸ˜€ and it was a faster run today - so I get warm quite quickly; well, faster for me, anyway! If I can manage negative splits it’s much more comfortable. Give it a go! πŸ‘

LittleoyellowGraduate10 in reply to Jools2020

Garden tip is a good one πŸ‘ will give the negative split idea a go on next week's interval training πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Littleoyellow

I don’t usually try and do it on interval training, because of the walking /slow jogging parts. Usually I just run fast and then slow down for recovery.

LittleoyellowGraduate10 in reply to Jools2020

Good point, will give it a go over 5k 😁


Great 4k! And good negative splits!

I never thought of a sun visor to keep the rain off my specs - brilliant! I normally wear a cap, but then that usually makes me too hot. All these clothing quandries are really sent to try us

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Birdlady64

Thank you. I agree with you about a cap being too warm. Sun visors are definitely the way to go! I always wear one, but the white one I’ve worn since I started C25K was already old and it has worn out! Yes, every time I run now I can’t decide what to wear. A walk round the garden helps me to make up my mind πŸ˜€

RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to Jools2020

Haha - I've just remembered, last winter I ran in a beret! It was the only thing which felt right. Might do that again this winter- looks very odd!

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Roxdog

Doesn’t matter what it looks like, if it works then why not?


The visor looks great. It is so difficult to decide what to wear. I went out this morning feeling really cold and then the sun came out half way round and it became really warm. I struggle with the cold anyway and am always cold. In that respect I am not looking forward to running in winter. I think I will end up taking a rucksack with me to carry all of the layers I will start off in.

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to EThomas


It’s a lot harder than back in the summer deciding what to wear! I miscalculated the other day and my hands were so cold they went numb. I was on a long run and couldn’t adjust the top of the drink bottle!


A sun visor - that’s what I need. πŸ˜„

I use a running cap in the rain, but I don’t really get on with the hat bit of it, just the peak keeping the rain off my glasses.

Great running & a cracking pace! πŸ˜„

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Elfe5

Thank you ! Sounds like a sun visor is the answer for you, too! πŸ‘


Great run! You did want you intended. Oh, and your friend, the 4k!

RoxdogGraduate10 in reply to Roxdog

Sorry what you intended!

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Roxdog

Yes I did πŸ˜€ I do love a nice 4K πŸ‘


Well done! I love running in the rain, I find it so refreshing MN it's a bit spooky at the moment as I live really rural and half way through my rain it gets dark. I've got a hi cuz belt and arm thing so I can be seen, but I'm still not getting the layering right with my running gear, the longer I run the hotter I get. Definitely need some breathable kit!πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Hedgehogs123

It was so easy in the summer! Didn’t have to worry about what to wear. I used to run at about 5 a.m. and loved it. Ah, well!

Hedgehogs123Graduate10 in reply to Jools2020

And me, I went out at 6.30 and it lovely. Just a teeshirt and no bother. Bring on next summer!! πŸ˜πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Hedgehogs123


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