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Which watch to buy the wife


It’s between the Vivoactive 3 and the forerunner 45 for her birthday both white but only £10.00 differences 🤔 which do I get her

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I would say the Forerunner 45 the only reason is I have the 35 just now and love it and the 45 would be my next watch of choice when and if this one stops working 😊

KevtrevGraduate10 in reply to Buddy34

Thanks buddy I think that’s made my decision 😉👍


Hi Kevtrev! Haven't heard from you for ages!! I'm a graduate now (finally).

As a treat to myself I bought a Forerunner 45s in the iris blue a few weeks ago as my first runners watch and I am very pleased with it. The smaller size is perfect for my wrist and the display is really clear. The watch has more than enough features for me and the Garmin Connect app that accompanies Garmin watches and is used for presenting all the data etc is really well thought out. I have been able to plan my own run workouts on the app and download them to my watch. I haven't had any hiccups with GPS either which was one of my priorities as it can be patchy in my area.

Other more expensive watches were recommended by friends, but I didin't want to spend a fortune on a watch I intended to just use for running. That said, I wear it all the time now and I am really satisfied it. I would really recommend it.

Take care, Delly-dot x

KevtrevGraduate10 in reply to Delly-dot

Thanks dolly dot she will love it as the watch she has now isn’t the best at all it was my first watch so thanks that’s made my mind up. And well done for graduating X


I have a forerunner 35 like Buddy34 Brilliant device when you switch off the move alert. Loads of stats, easy to use. Lovely that you're treating your wife. Good luck for getting the best one for her. Happy running 🤗

KevtrevGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thank you just need to find were they have it in stock 😉👍

I’m a bit late to the party Kevtrev so I hope this helps. I bought a vivoactive because I wanted something to use for swimming as well as running. Otherwise I would have gone for the Forerunner too!

Jalk in reply to Oldgirlruns

same for me, can download music and podcasts to listen to while running, just need bluetooth headphones


I have the vivoactive 3 as it does a few other sports (mainly golf) that I regularly do. It’s a great watch.


I was torn between the two and decided on the Forerunner 45s and I am very happy with it. Couldn’t run without it now!! So helps with my pace.


Thanks everyone in the end I got her the Garmin 45S direct from Garmin paid £149.99 £10.00 more but in stock the most expensive was curry’s £169.99. Glad I got that one as I remember her trying mine ages ago and it was big on her wrist and she said it was heavy 😂

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