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Don't watch that, watch this!


Hello bridleway, hello birdsong, hello noise of traffic from the bypass, hello (sort of) running! To quote Celine Dion, It's all coming back to me!

I did comeback run #2 this morning. Oh, yes. It's taken me a while to get around to posting, I've been trying to scan multiple pages into a single document and computer says no. Hmph! (Not running related, just my life!)

So today I remembered my Garmin. Easy to spot, it's the big blue one on the right with the easy to read screen and no cracked glass. Good start!

I did a very thorough legwaving warm-up, my glutes were truly activated - and set off. The weather made it easier for a start - a nice cooling breeze. After my 5 minute warm-up walk, I began to run really slowly, until Garmin beeped for the first k. It had taken me 8 minutes. Could feel a little pull in my thigh muscle so walked a little until it eased off. Love that watch! Continued running until the 2k marker, turned around, pausing only to take a picture of the bridleway I was on for you guys, and realised that yes, everything was doing what it should! Speed was a little faster - down to 7.30, and my lungs, although complaining, definitely felt capable of sustaining more than a mouse. So that's progress! I stopped at 3.5k as advised, thank you all so much for the encouragement, and walked home feeling - well maybe not Rocky at the top of the steps, but pretty good! Still got some way to go, but I'll get the measure of it.

Oh and I've just noticed the date, and it's the 1st anniversary of my c25k graduation parkrun! Yay!!!!!

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Yay! I'm glad today's run felt better. Keep being kind to yourself. Keep the runs short, easy, no-pressure type runs until you're feeling the love and return of mojo, however long that may take.

It was so much better I can hardly believe it. Although a long way from where I want to be, but more what I was expecting. Thanks Sask, I'm in this for the long haul so I'll listen to you guys, take my time and do it right.


Great run for you today and congratulations on the runiversary. 😊 🏃

grumpyoldgirl in reply to AlMorr

Thank you so much Al! I just had an email from Parkrun, wishing me happy anniversary and offering £5 off their contra running gear. Might get myself a running top to celebrate 😊

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Excellent, yes graduating from C25K with week 9 run 3 at a PARKRUN deserves an honour like a parkrun contra running gear. 😊 🏃 🎓


Quoting madness and celine dion in one thread deserves a running top, forget the run : )

It sounds like this was a soul feeding run. Well done.

What can I say, I have eclectic taste. Or a grasshopper mind 😁

Soul feeding is a great description, that's exactly what it was, thank you😊


Glad you have 2 watches with you, I’m going to be trailing this look shortly!

Well done on your comeback 2, you were right to keep it short and you’ll have more energy next one. Luckily the heatwave seems to have gone ...

Thanks lovely, it was much better but I'm going to have to keep the distance short for another couple of weeks I think. Fountains abbey looked glorious, glad you made it.

Couchpotato2Graduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

It was gorgeous and I found a garden you need to go to on your next trip up. Nothing wrong with short runs :-) x


Yay GOG, you’re well and truly back! Well done! 👏👏👏

Thanks cheeky, I'm back, and to prove it, I'm here! 😁


Glad to hear that it was more enjoyable, happy runiversary!

Thank you Deb! 😊


Happy Runniversary and sounds like a lovely run today...I love hearing my Garmin beep knowing that means I’ve done another 1k 🏃‍♀️👍

I hadn't realised how much I depend on it until it wasn't there. Very glad to have it there today, where it belongs, keeping me company with its reassuring beeps.


Excellent effort Grumps!!! So, if you feel like it, you could step it up in distance a bit next time....maybe an extra .5k or 1k if it feels right. All going in the right direction 😊😊👍

Steady now BC! 😂 The plan formulating in my head, is to run 3.5 again next time, and see if I can run it all, or only walk once at the halfway point. Then up it by half k at the next one if it goes ok. But to run 3 times a week until I'm back to 5k and stay there for a little while. Does that sound reasonable do you think?

Beachcomber66Graduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Sounds excellent to proceed at a pace you feel comfortable with .... just testing 😊😊🏃‍♀️


The heavy heavy monster sound indeed! Well done!🎉



Great run!! Love the Garmin too! Very nice. 🤩 Coming back strong! Enjoy!! ❤️

Thank you fab, I love my Garmin, I asked for it for Christmas, and as you can tell, I'd be lost without it 😁


Great run! Everything still okay?

grumpyoldgirl in reply to Katnap

Thanks for asking, yes, I ran today and managed a massive 4.25k. Onward and upwards! 😊

KatnapGraduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Not to be sniffed at! Be kind to yourself and you'll be fine.😁

Woo hoo! She’s back! There’s no stopping her now!

Faster than a speeding - er, snail? :D

Bahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣

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