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Impulse buy Garmin watch!


I’ve always been a Fitbit user and really like the software but I’ve read a lot of good things both on here and elsewhere about Garmin watches, today I saw a Fenix 5x at a really discounted price and on impulse I bought it. It’s fair to say that on first impression it’s a far more sophisticated beast than the Fitbit I have been using, actually seems a bit overwhelming right now, those of you that have Garmin watches could you maybe give me some tips on the best place to start? I have downloaded the app and connected the watch with my phone. What’s next? 😊

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Interested to hear the feedback on this.


Bet you’ll love it! I’m a manual-reader myself 😂 but if you like to learn by doing, I’d start by looking up how to record a run, then wear the watch all day and night, go for a run and record it, and through the day just keep having a look at the app and see what it’s telling you. Have fun!


Congrats - Fenix is high end. You've gone from a Fitbit to a Poshbit! I concur with Jazzy. Getting it to record an activity was such fun - though maybe less for you as my (plebeian) 235 was my first fitness tracker.

I recall the setup as being somewhat fiddly. At the risk of stating the obvious, there are lots of Fenix setup videos on Youtube. I would be tempted to watch one and follow along, doing setup on the watch as you see it demonstrated on the video.

I’ve got it mostly set up now. Not recorded any activity yet but my goodness it’s sophisticated!


Sophisticated isn’t the word. It’s like comparing my Forerunner 35 to a basic calculator whereas your watch is more like a bank of servers. The Fenix is like the Lamborghini of sports watches. Even An Olympic athlete would struggle with the data coming off that machine. Happy Running. 😀



Hope you really enjoy your new watch. I found YouTube very helpful when I got mine. I just started with finding out how to track a run and remembering to wait for a gps signal before pressing start.

After than you can play about with it to see what else it can do😊😊

So now you've reached the scratching your head while looking puzzled phase! 😁 I have the fr35, so cannot really help you. I did refer to the manual quite a lot at first, and to Google when I couldn't get it to stay in Kms. Have fun, and let us know what you think (please...)

Hi - I've had a Fenix 3 for a few years now. Use it to record swims, bike rides, useful on the golf course, walks, indoor rowing, weight sessions etc... and now runs. I got the sapphire glass, still totally unmarked, which is amazing, given the battering and DIY it's had to endure.

The setup is pretty straightforward. The main problem was working out which watch face works best for me. I ended up going for one that shows the time! You can go too cluttered and having big colourful digits means I don't need to reach for my reading glasses.

Once linked to your phone the Garmin Connect app is great for dissecting your activity, with heart rate probably being the most interesting. That can go a bit haywire once you get a bit sweaty, so you can get a chest strap... but I found that was a bit of a pain. So far with running (I'm just at week5 on C25K) its behaved well, but it is winter and I haven't got too hot yet, so early days.

If you've got any exercising mates (outside of us lot) you can link straight through to Strava, so you can share your runs.

So I think you've made a great purchase. I've been waiting for an excuse to move on to a new Fenix, but this one's been bomb proof. Enjoy it.

Oh, and the Garmin Connect website is great for analysis as well...


Enjoy, that’s my only meaningful advice! I’ve recently acquired my husband’s unwanted Vivoactive 3, plus I also have my own Forerunner 235 and I’m deciding which to stick with. It’s difficult!

But you can’t go wrong with a Garmin, whichever model you choose, so have fun with your stats! 👍😀


Get some music in it if it does that

Press the top button then you should get a list of things to do, tap run then press the button again and it will look for gps then off you go

Seriously though, look at the stats on the app they are fascinating and google anything you don’t get and there are instructions and youtube videos galore out there

It took me a while to work it out so have fun


One of the most useful things for me is being able to customise the data screens for different activities. I find it easier to have just two bits of info on each screen (easier to read) and then scroll through the screens to see what I want.


How exciting, I just have a 235 but I just love it..... enjoy getting to know your new best friend 😎

I've printed the manual (46 A4 Pages) and I'm starting to get to grips with it! I have linked it with MyFitnessPal and everything seems to be syncing just fine. It recorded my sleep last night which is one of my favourite Fitbit features and the data is very comparable. I've also sold my Fitbit to someone at work which has offset the cost a bit but I did get it for 45% less than Garmin RRP and there are still plenty of places selling them at full price, It was an instore special offer and after checking it online it is genuinely the cheapest in New Zealand and around 50 pounds cheaper than the cheapest UK price (very unusual for New Zealand where we usually pay more than anywhere else) so I'm pretty chuffed with that. I'm going to miss my Fitbit as I like the app and my Mum at age 75 is a big Fitbit user who gets very competitive when we have step challenges :-) I've sent her some links to some Garmin models that she might like so here's hoping she gets one as well.

First impressions are that this is a very serious piece of kit which is going to take me a while to get fully used to. There are some really amazing features and with the GPS maps its going to be great for the bush Hiking I do with my partner. First run with it in the morning which is coincidently my first run of the magic 10.

Happy to accept Garmin friend requests. If anyone is interested then just PM me :-)


I have the fenix too - also got a good deal as the model had been revamped and mine is one of the older ones :)

It really is amazing - the thing I love about it is that it tracks so many more activities, my favourites include hiking, yoga and kayaking. And there is the potential to track so much more - you can even create your own activities if it isnt in the default!

And my advice would be just to play with it - you're never going to do anything to muck it up permanently, and any changes you do make are usually easy to undo if you just google the specifics!

I also really love playing around with the different watch faces you can download for free from the Garmin store - at the moment my watch face spells out the time in words which takes a little getting used to but I like the little bit of quirkiness!

I’ve been playing with it all day when I should be working! Got it to “talk” to all of my favourite apps now and keep finding more features. First run in the morning and I’m going Kayaking at the weekend so will try that out! Thanks 😁

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