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Reluctant to buy new shoes 😣

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I have two pairs, regular all rounders and some trail shoes that I bought from a cut price sports retailer when I was doing C25K over a year ago now. They have been fantastic at around Β£30 a pair and seem fine. Admittedly the trail shoes have not been worn as much but the regular shoes have covered a lot of distance. I added up what I have done just from January to today and it is 236 kilometres so that doesn't include C25K or the rest of last year! I am a little sentimental about them though and they are still very comfortable. When is it time to think about a new pair, I am worried a new pair won't be comfortable or could even cause an injury!!

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Mine are recommended for 500 miles which I think is pretty typical. Can you go online and get the same shoe still? I did this with my old trainers that I used to run with 8 years ago and got another pair for my c25k last September. Alternatively buy new ones and keep the old ones going until you have broken in the new ones.

Ruth_canal_runnerGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

I did this with my first pair of running shoes. Just went online and bought exactly the same pair, but in a different colour :)

When I took my old ones into the running shop, she took out the inner soles and twisted. They almost crumbled! She said there was no support left in them and I should not wear them even as fall backs in case of injury!

Don't know if anyone else has seen this done?

Yes go on line and see if you can find them πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

You can buy gel insoles which give a lot of spring back to old shoes.

I always try to buy the same type/model/brand of shoe, but the manufacturers seem to change models faster than car/phone manufacturers do - so "no longer made" replies became the norm - especially since I bought when they were cheap - i.e. newer models were being introduced.

I'm still wearing my last pair as everyday walking trainers !!!

There is a good article here -


I was told 400 - 600 miles roughly, but that varies from shoe to shoe. You don't have to retire your old shoes just because you bought new ones. One pair of mine have done around 750 KM, but still feel and look like new. I think you will get more out of them if you have more than one pair and rotate them, like we need an excuse to buy more shoes!


I replaced my last pair (Brookes Dyad) when they had done over 1000 Km.

Then recently I went on holiday to Malta and as I was travelling light I didn't want to take walking and running shoes so the old pair came along as a catch all. I found that they were still comfortable to run in. Dare I say even more than the Asics which have replaced them. Seems it's difficult to generalise.


The longevity of shoes varies. I found a chart on Google. I don't think expected distance of shoes is included with the sales blurb as there are too many variables. Someone's weight can make a difference to how long a shoe will last

If you do a search on Google you might well turn up your shoes and get a pair or two to hold in reserve for when those wear out.

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