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Fantastic Tuesday

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Very very good running. I made a small change, had a banana 15 min before start of run, didn't felt exhausted during and after run. Infact I had energy to run one extra km, but had to go office so didn't tried.

Earlier I was running with having couple of glass of water before run only, so started to feel exhausted. I think new change will work so I will continue with it.

Weather prediction is not very good for tomorrow (heavy rain) so not sure about running, but will decide tomorrow morning.

Happy Running!!!

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Yep I sometimes have 1/2 🍌 before parkrun.

Hope the weather not too bad tomorrow and u get a good run in.

Not sure where u are in the program or how long you've been running.. but just a gentle reminder that advice is to have a have a day off in-between.

Happy running 🏃🏃

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jrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Deals1

Weather was relatively good as compared to prediction (prediction was heavy rain , but it was light rain). Just finished 5.7k, now getting ready for office.

Not sure about program which you mentioned, but I am running continues over a month.

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Deals1Graduate10 in reply to jrunner

Well done!! Pleased weather not too bad. C25K I was thinking about, but you have obviously completed that 😀😀🏃

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jrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Deals1

Yes, I hit 5k first time on 27 Dec with my best pace on 1st Jan. Since then I am continuing 5k+ with longest 6.13k.

Next target 7k bit delayed till Feb, I want to consolidate my 6k.

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Sounds like a good plan.

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