Fantastic running day today :-)

Fantastic running day today :-)

The picture sums it up really: it was a very windy, wet parkrun this morning at Newbury. I was a volunteer (fluorescent jacket and red baseball cap, stood in puddle), timekeeping today. Such a great job, getting to greet all the runners as they crossed the finish line. It was so wet that the scanners got damp and needed to be dried out before their data could be extracted.

Since I was not running this morning, I got out for an 11km run this afternoon, and what a difference from this morning. Sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was about 16 degrees. Very unseasonal. It was one of those 'I wonder where I'll run?' sessions - out running with no real plan for pace, distance or time. I ended up out for an hour, and it was starting to get dark as I came back through the village.

I trust that you've all had a great day of running. Weather looks much better for tomorrow. Enjoy yourselves :-)

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  • Picture says it all for this morning - tho' the temperature was great for running!!

  • Great for running; bad for standing around. We all got cold in the wind, but the runners loved it all (which is the spirit of parkrun).

  • Haha. "To Mrs KK who phoned in to ask if there was a tornado on the way, don't worry". (Michael Fish)

  • It was very wet indeed! Volunteers had to withstand more than the runners I think so good for you. I work in Newbury but I have quite a long commute - that picture looks like a nice location (despite the puddles) though so I might have to try a bit of Parkrun tourism some time! Bit awkward for me to get there at weekends though when I've been commuting there all week :)

    Glad you had a fab run in the weekend - those types of runs are the ones I miss now the nights are closing in. But I think I'm missing Parkrun next weekend so I will go out on my own on Saturday or Sunday which I am looking forward to!

  • Let me know if you ever make it to Newbury parkrun - we can have. C210K meet up!

  • I love those runs... no plans just go where your legs take you!

  • Oh - that picture reminds me of my Parkrun weekend. Running (or should that be puddle dodging?) yesterday and then barcode scanning at Junior Parkrun this morning. Those scanners don't like the sun, the cold or the rain ☺☺☺☺

    Had a great time though and we'll be back consistently throughout the winter! Can you remember when we were saying some of the Parkrun mornings were too hot?

    Well done on volunteering 😊

  • Oh dear, this is dedication

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