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Head clearing 2.5k

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Hi all;

I’m going to complete Ju-Jus week 1 tomorrow with a 5k. However, I haven’t had time to run this week and I had one too many aperol spritz’ last night so was feeling unmotivated and gross all day (hangovers and a bad body dysmorphia day don’t mix). When I used to feel like this I would mope around feeling worse but today decided not to!

I wasn’t feeling up to a full 5k as I find running in public quite stressful when my body dysmorphia is up, but it was gorgeous outside so I headed to my local park for a gentle jog and fresh air instead of to the gym.

Cleared the head with a very gentle 2.5k and I feel SO much better now... plus the view helped!

It’s not too bad; this running lark.

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Well done Becky! Great to see you get out there with a positive mindset 🤗🦋

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Hi Becky!! Getting out there when you’re not feeling it really does work wonders!! Great view too!! Well done!! 👊🏽❤️

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Well done for getting out but are you still running tomorrow Becky.? Just checking, because they recommend you don’t run consecutive days during your first year.

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Fantastic Becky. Isn’t it amazing how little run can sort us out? ❤️ And what a beautiful photo. Not surprised you wanted to capture it. 😍

Good on you girl! 🙌

Sounds like an amazing little run🤩... & it completely lifted your day!

Well done!... lovely view👌 It’s amazing what this running lark does for us!

Sending love & strength your way, I’ll be cheering you on for your 5k! 🙌

Then roll on week 2 😆🙌

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