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Still consolidating, heck!

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It's a slow business! I ran a Christmas Day parkrun, very chuffed with myself as it was six months since graduating (foot injury). But, it was well over a week before I got out again, and I forced myself out again yesterday. Should have been lovely. I ran along the canal, it was cold but sunny, but I felt like I had stuffed lead into my trainers!

I tested out the Garmin watch that Santa brought me, so I know that I eventually managed to run 3.7k in 28 minutes. So not as awful as it felt, but it felt bad. Yuck. I must have more Christmas cake to shift than I realised 🍰🐌

Why is it so hard suddenly?

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Some runs are just that way. Don’t get disheartened just head out again in a day or two.

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grumpyoldgirl in reply to O505k

Thanks 505, it's a bad case of the gremlins I think, it's a first for me. I intend to take myself in hand. I've got the watch now, I can't just give up! 😁

Definitely show those gremlins who is boss! Hope the next run is more fun.

Yep, nasty little blighters! A lot of it is having to give my foot extra recovery time, then I just lose that urge to get out there. But I will! I will!!

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Some runs are like that I suppose. But it makes the subsequent ones so much more enjoyable in comparison, so hopefully your next run will be fun! πŸ€žπŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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Yep, as others have siad it just happens. I find that the next run after a good run prior is often a disappointment. Pay it no heed.

Thanks, I know I just have to get out there again. With or without gremlins 😁

Ah, here's hoping, cheeky! I'll grind it out out if necessary, but it's so much more fun when it's fun ☺️

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Perhaps it's getting back into the routine that will help, GOG? I try to run regular days each week if I can - not always easy though, with busy lives! πŸ˜€

You're probably right Jonathan, I'm finding it a bit too easy to find excuses at the moment. Too cold, too wet, too tired, foot too achey - you name it, I've thought it! Gah! I've just got to do it, haven't I?! πŸ™ƒ That's it, I'm going out tomorrow!

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