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Found my Mojo but Lost My Voice

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My mojo is definitely back in business, as following my pb for 10k on New Years Eve, I managed to drag myself out of bed on New Year's Day and go to a Parkrun - the first apparently since March 2017. Parkrun is not my favourite thing as I much prefer running alone, but part of my New Year's Resolution was to do at least one park run this year. I think the gremlins must have been more hungover than me after a night of carousing to see in the New Year, as they were nowhere to be seen, and I got to the park without any faffing, and with every thing I needed.

The intro part of park run I hate the most as, being hearing impaired and having difficulties with balance (inner ear damage a few years ago) I can't hear what's going on, can't join in the chatter, and feel quite wobbly with everyone crushing around. But I managed to hold my nerve and was soon lined up ready to go.

And it was a good run. In fact, mapmyrun told me that I'd run 5km in 26minutes which is a personal best - but the official time was slightly longer, but then so is the official distance which MMR says is 5.3km, but still a PB.

The following day my mojo got me up nice and early and I was in the gym for a core and upper body workout, with some leg strengthening thrown in for good measure. And then Friday I was up and running again. I'd planned my route so that I would complete 10km just before a really steep hill which takes me home, which I was either going to walk up or call on the heroic Mr Razouski to come and give me a lift home, but my mojo was having none of it, and actually decided to make me run another half a kilometre to the halfway point on the hill, which I managed to finish in 1hour and 2 minutes.

Yesterday was another trip to the gym, more core and even some exercises to illuminate my bingo wings.

So now my mojo is definitely back on track I have now gone down with the lurgy. Spent the night coughing and wheezing and searching for my asthma inhaler and got very little sleep. And when Mr R brought me a cuppa and asked what time I'd be running I could only reply in a very hoarse whisper and went back to bed. I've no idea where my voice has gone, but I'm hoping I'll feel well enough to run tomorrow.

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Awesome mojo x

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Sorry to hear about the lurgy but your mojo is strong now!

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This mojo is Amazonian in strength, if you’re in bed it must be a bad lurgy. Rest up, take it easy, and hope you’re back out there when you want to be.

Thanks Jan, only went back to bed for a couple hours, but have spent the rest of the day coughing and doing impressions of Barry White. 😂

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I do hope you feel better soon, and you have been doing a huge amount!!

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Razouski in reply to ju-ju-

Thank ju-ju- I was doing a lot more before my mojo went awol, now I just don't want feeling under the weather to be an opportunity for the gremlins to get in a sabotage by resolve.

I wish you a speedy recovery Mrs Raz.

You have to keep in mind Mrs Raz that the loading you put on your body, because of your fantastic ability, is way above a snail like me for example.

Look after yourself and pamper yourself.You are a very formidable runner and talent.Quite exceptional and considering what challenges you have overcome.

Take good care of you.


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Hope you feel better soon. So many nasty bugs round at the moment. Take it easy, and I’m sure your mojo will be waiting for you. xx❤️❤️

Wow what a great result at park run - you're really brave - I can't ever see me having courage enough to do one!

Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather- it won't keep you down for long as it sounds like you mojo well and truly has the upper hand. Hope you get to run tomorrow 😊

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Razouski in reply to DebJogsOn

Didn't feel brave at Park Run. I really don't enjoy them, which is why I haven't done one since March2017. But so many people rave about them on here that I thought I should I've it another try this year.

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Aw, get well soon dear Razouski, so sorry you have been struck down. Don’t worry about the gremlins muscling in - your mojo was strong, you will fight it! xxx

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Razouski in reply to Sadie-runs

I'm hoping I shall be fighting fit soon... or running fit at least. :-)

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Huge well done to you.... please rest up now and feel better soon xxx

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