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I Think I've Got My Mojo Back

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I could hardly believe when I posted on Christmas Eve that my previous post had been over 2 months ago. About a week before that I had completed my first official half marathon race and I don’t really know what happened after that, but my posting and my running have gone downhill since then. My Mojo had definitely upped sticks and left home. That, combined with having a whole bunch of work commitments and singing gigs to contend with meant I wasn’t having time to run more than a couple of shorter runs a week or to post in the forum.

But then, my friend Jancanrun has shamed me into finding some get up and go. I had been battling with the gremlins for a day or so:

“You can’t travel to London to run.” “What will you do with all your stuff?” “It’ll involve too much faffage!” “You have way too much cooking and preparing to do on Christmas Eve, no way can you waltz off into London for a run.” “You’ve never run in London, it’ll be full of tourists, you’ll hate it.” “You’ll get lost.” “You’ll be all sweaty on the train coming home.” “Who will pick up the venison joint from the butchers?” … and so the voices in my head went on. But it was too late, I had already asked Jan if she wanted company for the final leg of her 2018 challenge, thinking she would probably prefer to run alone, but she had got back to me and said she’d love it.

She also started the ball rolling on conquering the gremlins: Mr JCR was volunteered to hold my coat and bag. I wouldn’t need to faff as drinks would be provided by the same good chap. I was given a promise that we would only be running 5km and that it would be at a pootling pace – so no chance of breaking into a sweat. Mr Razouski sent the remaining gremlins flying with the offer of sorting out the butchers and doing some of the other last minute bits and bobs for Christmas, also pointing out that London would probably be pretty quiet. SO I really had no excuse.

The next day I fitted in a cheeky 7.5k, and then three days later an 8. I couldn’t let the side down and needed to be on good form.

The run on Christmas Eve was truly fabulous. Having been virtual running buddies in C25K we have met a few times, but never actually run together. I’d never run in London before (except when nearly missing a train home), and the opportunity to run in St James Park right on the Queen’s front doorstep was great. Not only that but we got to see some fabulous water fowl, including a couple of flamingos that flew in especially to wish Jan well on her way. It was like being in some Disney fairy tale, with small birds and squirrels surrounding us and wishing us good fortune on our way, and ducks and geese clearing the path ahead of us and carpeting it in the softest downiest feathers (I may have made that bit up). We even had two handsome princes to greet us at the end of the run in the guise of Mr JCR and one of his and Jan’s friends, cheering Jan over the finishing line with rapturous applause and a heavenly bottle of champagne and 4 glass flutes to drink it from. And to top it all a brass band from the Queen’s Guard then started up a fanfare and proceeded to serenade us with some festive tunes, while the crowds cheered (I like to think they were cheering Jan, not, as rumour has it, that they were there to see the Changing of the Guards – whatever! ;-)


Drinking champagne in St James Park at 10:45 on Christmas Eve morning seemed to be exactly what was needed for me to do something about finding my errant Mojo. I knew I wouldn’t be running on Christmas Day and I’d promised Mr Razouski that we would do a long walk in the country yesterday, but this morning I was up with the lark and raring to go. I had my Christmas Running Playlist which I was thinking of using on Christmas Eve if Jan didn’t want to run naked and chat, and in 58 minutes I had 10km under my belt. Not fast but not too slow either, and I’m looking forward to getting another couple of runs in before the end of the year.

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I'm so happy to read this Raz as i've been wondering where you were. How fabulous to meet Jancanrun and to run together. Kudos to Mr Raz for playing his part in making it happen. Many happy runs in 2019.

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Oh well double win for Christmas Eve then, I got my challenge done and you found your mojo...

And 10km in 58 minutes - sounds speedy Gonzales to me.

And now, you’ve got me in a quandary - I promised Mr JCR two weeks off running, but a little ‘runette’ wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Well done Mr Raz for doing the venison run.

Happy New Year and list of dates for PCT on its way...


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Razouski in reply to Jancanrun

I think you should listen to Mr JCR, he's got your best interests at heart. And I'm sure your feet would love some more rest after your year of running.

Glad to hear this - always look forward to your posts 😊

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Razouski in reply to DebJogsOn

Thanks Deb. I was hoping to get some lyric inspiration, but I'm all out of lyrics at the moment. Hopefully when I get a new playlist in the new year I will be re-inspired.

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Fantastic, that all sounds lovely! I'd love to run in London, so glad you've found your mojo!😊

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Razouski in reply to Abaggs

I've been wanting to run in London for ages, but been too scared to do it myself. So it was good to have a valid reason that got me running there. I'm thinking about maybe doing a half marathon in London sometime next year.

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Glad to see you back again Razouski, and well done to mr Razouski for playing his part. I am sure JCR enjoyed the run all the more for having you there. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👏👏🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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Razouski in reply to Dexy5

Mr Razouski always comes up trumps. I think he was glad to get me out of the house for a bit, as we seem to have had too much quality time together of late (he is between jobs at the moment).

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Oh what a lovely post! So glad you got your mojo back, and what a joyous way to do it, running with a C25K buddy. (A great one at that, what a fantastic achievement on JCR’s part). It reads like a Christmas fairy tale and reminds me why I love to run. So nice to hear how supportive your lovely husband is too.

Good work, Razouski! I wish you many happy runs in 2019 and beyond!

Sadie-runs xxx

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Razouski in reply to Sadie-runs

Sadie-runs that's good of you to say. I felt really honoured to be running with Jancanrun on the final leg of her 2018km challenge. I've only run 1133 km this year, so I am really in awe of her.

All we needed was some frost or snow and it would have been a real Christmas fairy tale.


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What a lovely post Razouski ! I was just with you every step of the way and it sounded fabulous. And the fanfare was definitely for you guys. As if there was any doubt. 🎺

So good on you for finding your mojo in the most perfect way. And hello, that was a speedy 10k in my book (I’m not renowned for my gazelle qualities, having just run 10k in a shade over 1hr 21m!).

Happy happy running in 2019! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👏👏

Thank you cheekychipmunks it was a fab run, and at the end I just wanted to tell everyone about Jan's year of running. I even accosted a bobbie on a bike to tell him (and to explain why we were drinking so early in the day in a Royal Park!!!

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Lovely to hear your mojo is back, and that you and Jancanrun had such a great run to end this amazing challenge! 😊❤️❤️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ (And 10k in 58mins is the fastest I’ve managed so far, so doesn’t sound at all slow to me! 😂)

Thinking about it, it wasn’t slow, but around my average for 10km. I just need to get out more regularly I guess.

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What a fabulous Xmas tale. Well done and glad you're back at it. Champagne indeed. What style! Also well done on working up to HM. Very impressive. I'm standing on the side lines admiring. You've made me feel motivated to get back up to 10km again. I'm off to formulate a plan...

Hope your plan is coming together. When is your target for 10k?

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BaddieThePirateGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Hmmm, you're pinning me to a date! Well it will be good for me to have a definite goal... by the end of Feb 2019...

I'm sure you can reach your target by the end of Feb. Good luck.

Hey Raz, good to see you back out there faffing and running. Lovely that you travelled to support JCR.

I think the dark days of winter can lead to mojo's being mislaid. I am going to set myself some targets for the next couple of months. Should be ok alongside my NYs resolution to work less :)

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Razouski in reply to helenwheels

It's been strange for me as the last two winters I was more motivated to run than in the summer. But maybe it's because we've had dreary weather rather than really freezing and frosty. Well I'm off to the gym today and hoping they will still recognise me there too, as I haven't been quite as regular there either. :-)

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What a great post Razouski - so glad that your mojo is back! Here's to new goals and achievements in 2019! I have not run since 2nd December(😮🙁) due to flu/bronchitis/chest infection and although at last on the mend, not ready to run again quite yet .... but I am missing it, big time now! My spring HM plans are now completely out of whack so think I will look for a later one than planned. Take care🙂

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Razouski in reply to Sandraj39

I have a feeling that, much as I dislike official races, I need to sign up for another half marathon as having something to train for really kept me focussed on my regular running, and even had a fairly strict training plan outlining runs, distances as well as gym workouts.

Also need to make sure I'm burning off all the excess calories of Christmas and New Year. ;-)

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Oh that was so lovely to read, thank you (And thank you to all those who made it happen including Jancanrun and not forgetting you for accepting all the help on your way)

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Razouski in reply to GoogleMe

I'm determined to get back into it, so sitting here in my gym kit waiting to go for a good rest day workout. Also having been to see the film Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday evening, I decided this morning to put together a Queen Playlist ready for my next run. :-)

I'm delighted to hear you have found your Mojo again. Keep it going. The weather has been so kind to us all this winter , so we should all take advantage of this beautiful climate to practise our running. The benefits are amazing both from a physical and mental health point of view.

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Razouski in reply to grenoble12

Thanks grenoble12 I know all about the benefits, but just lost the 'get up and go'. I think it's because I was so disciplined when training for my half marathon, having no goal to aim for left me a bit adrift. I could really do with some very cold, crisp frosty mornings to run in, as I loved running in the cold last winter.

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