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Lost in the park


Feeling elated from my new PB at parkrun on Saturday, today was my first attempt at 7k. I decided to run in the same park, thinking I could do the parkrun route and add on a bit more to get me to 7k. I already knew the marshals do a fantastic job every Saturday; now I realise just how much I rely on them. I set off the right way, but ended up seeing parts of the park I’d never seen before! 😂 Never mind. I listened to Mr Strava to make sure I covered the distance and I found my way back following the signs back to the visitor centre.

I ran with the three tenors again today. They certainly seem to inspire me to keep going even when it feels tough.

Today was the first time I’ve run after work, rather than early morning. I think I prefer running in the morning, but not sure I want to get up early enough to run 7k+ before I go to work!

Anyway, I’m now feeling a huge of achievement. 7k!! Me!! Really!!

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Well done 7k yes you really! I prefer mornings much fresher😀

Well done you! PB on Saturday and a distance PB today! Brilliant! 👏🏻🎉🍾🥂

Well done you YamCat- I'm trying for my 7k this weekend. I know how you feel about achieving the distance- you smashed it!!!keep going 🏃‍♀️you will be at 10k before you know it!!!

What was your time for 7k? Mine will be 🐌 pace for sure but it will bes steady!!!

I prefer to run in the mornings but know what you mean about cramming in the distance before work!!

I get up at 5am but I might have to keep the longer distances to the weekends soon xx

My time was 46:26. I tried to go slow and steady but I think I set off a bit too fast. I need to practise pacing myself better. I’m planning to do a few more 7k runs to consolidate before moving on.

Good luck for your 7k this weekend 🏃🏻‍♀️

Wow that's quite speedy for me!! Well done on your achievement- I can only work up to that time!


congratulations! I'm going to attempt 7K tomorrow, slightly bricking it as I had a terrible parkrun on Saturday. I much prefer running in the mornings too, but you're right it's not feasible on the longer runs. Maybe the short runs for first thing is the way to go?

Enjoy your success!

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