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Lost my mojo help!!!!

Hi everyone my mojo has got up and left me and the gremlins have taken over! It all started from the other Sunday when I did my first official 10k race, the weather was beautiful which was horrendous for me, everyone else loved it. Forgot my phone so no music or runkeeper to keep me posted borrowed the other halfs who's battery went flat half way round nightmare, so offloaded headphones on a marshall and carried on ear naked a first for me lol, I got round all the grassy hills twice and completed it had to stop a few times to take the old inhaler as the grass was playing havoc with my asthma and hayfever, nasal spray next time all the way. My mojo up and went after the finishing line my target was 1 hour 4 mins but I came in at 1 hour 12mins all my family were really proud of me but me I was so dissapointed and started mentally beating myself up and the gremlins took over while I was in the resting stage. Its been over 2 weeks now since that run and boy have I been grumpy and prickly too. So I told myself to get off my bottom and put on those trainers and chase the gremlins away which I did yesterday morning before work, only ran a short one 3.36mile with the hound who loved it and I was like a woman possessed bet my personal time by over 10mins did it in 24.06mins as you can guess the victory dance was done, so now I've decided to use the stepping stones and have good old Laura back in my ears to help get my mojo back. Sorry for using you as my sounding board but any help is gratefully received especially on how to load the app on to my phone as its a android. Thank you all for listening about my disaster of a race.

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All I can really gather from your post - is stuff about times and paces and races!!! Disappointment because you didn't run such and such a distance in some arbitrary time?? Of course your mojo has up and left - I would too!!!

Unless you can run the 10Klms in around 26 minutes ( World record) , you are always going to be disappointed with your time :) - so, slow down, enjoy the run, smell the roses, talk to people at the back of the pack !!


Baz is right! You successfully ran a 10k race! What's not to like. Many race organisers are banning earphones etc now on safety grounds.

It's better to run than not, simply because you don't feel fast enough. You can only get fast enough by maintaining your running, and turning out every other day. Gremlins! I don't believe in them. If we call it what it is, "self-doubt", then just kick it into the long grass and forget about it. Deny it exists. Think positive!

Stepping Stones will mix things up for you but only if you do them. They are a bit strange as they mix up speeds in a way that many folks don't like. If you stick with them, and all their foibles, then you will be all the better for it. I loved them and still run them as they crop up on my mp3 player

My go-to podcasts is Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k which I run every time I go out the door. I swear by it. As folks here know too well as I'm always banging on about it. That's free to download here as a Dropbox file. It was discussed the other day in fact. The tracks are inspirational and pick you up when you might need it.

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Thanks for the info will defo be downloading that ☺


“In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that.” Fred Lebow. Putting the pressure on yourself to break your record is a surefire way to take the most important part of running out of the equation - the enjoyment. So just put one foot in front of the other and smile as you remember when you were swearing your way through week one of C25K. You've come a long way so be proud of yourself, kiddo.


Ah thank you for those lovely words ☺

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