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Hello lovely running friends

Hope you all had wonderful Christmas’. My lovely family all saved up and bought me a brand new Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music to help with my HM and 10k training next year. It’s what I’ve wanted for such a long time and it’s fantastic.

I’m still recovering from illness and was a little bit hungover this morning, but I HAD to give it a try. I went for a gentle 20 minute 3k and kept quite a consistent pace throughout (even tackled a small hill!).

I absolutely adore all the statistics on the Garmin, it is honestly so great and I feel like a proper runner now!

Tomorrow I might take it on a longer run (5-6k) outside or at the gym to see how it handles that!

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Nice one Becky! 😀 I love my Garmin too and have had it over a year now.. hope you are feeling better tomorrow and enjoy testing out your watch again. 🏃🏼‍♀️🙂

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Thanks! Feeling better today so catching up on Match of the Day and then going to head to the gym :D


Fab pressie Becky. I’m going to look at the sales as I’m jealous. Do you hook it to strava or runkeeper ! Enjoy it.

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I haven't stopped smiling it was such a surprise. At the moment I've just got it hooked to MFP for calories, and use the run settings in Garmin. I'd definitely recommend the sales they have SO much data available on them.


Oh what a lovely family! I love my Garmin too, so know how exciting it is to get to know your new piece of running kit. Garmin Connect is ace. I am obsessed with my VO2 Max. This time last year I had no idea what that even was! Enjoy your new “toy”, Becky, and happy running. 😁

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I know I'm so lucky! Haven't stopped smiling at it yet! Which one do you have? I still don't quite understand all the features of Garmin Connect but the sheer amount of data is brilliant! Who knew I needed to know my cadence and Vo2 Max haha!!

Hope you're well!

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Mine is a Forerunner 30 - a very basic one, but does everything I need! Most of all I just love how simple and reliable it is. I was having all kinds of issues with Strava, Runkeeper etc before I got my Garmin for my birthday.

I am nursing a rough cold so no running for me at the moment 🤧🙁 My wee legs are itching to get out for a run! xxx


Nice present! I keep on umming and about getting a Garmin, maybe next year! Hope you have lots of good runs with your new toy.


Enjoy your Garmin, Becky. The stats can be quite addictive 😁


How are you getting on with your Garmin Becky? I missed this post (don’t know how. I’m always checking in on here!) 😅

I too had a Garmin for Christmas - Forerunner 235 - and it’s beautiful! ❤️ There’s a discrepancy between its data and MapMyRun which I still have running in the background. Have you found that too? The Garmin is anywhere between 0.04 and 0.12k less than MMR, so I always run on just in case! Shame because today there was nearly a minute’s difference between the two! 🤔

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